Stand Still and Observe

Unsee defined is “to undo the act of seeing something, to erase the memory of seeing, reverse the effect of having seen something”.  According to online google results, most of the time this is said when something is so disturbing that the person wants to forget the sight, but their brain is permanently scarred. 

We probably all have moments in our life that we wish people could ‘unsee’, forget that happened.  Not only does our mind become scarred, sometimes our body becomes scarred also.  Our psych wars with us daily on decisions that we have made, and decisions that charted parts of our life that we can never ‘undo’/erase.  These decisions and actions that were performed during moments of weakness or rebellion govern our futures because we are permanently scarred.

When I was first talking to my friends and preparing for my trip to Haiti the common statement was “you can’t unsee Haiti”.  After being in Haiti for eight days, experiencing the people, the country, and ‘seeing’ it myself I never want to “unsee” it.  My desire is to actually see it more clearly, and to hopefully make others see it too.

The opposite of “unsee” is to “see”.  See defined is “to come to know, discover; to perceive by the eye, observe”.  Perceive is to “become aware”.  While driving around observing Haiti, I had the opportunity to discover the beauty that is Haiti.  The beauty that goes beyond what is easily seen, and seeing what is unseen.  Love, acceptance, reliance, and the list goes on.

Though there are moments and situations that cannot be unseen, people have the opportunity to go beyond those moments of questionable decision making, and move forward — never forgetting, but building on and overcoming situations.  In 1 Samuel 12:16 it reads “Now stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes”.  God can help people move beyond their ‘moments’. God is prospering the work in Haiti beyond the obstacles faced there — through providing opportunity to build housing for mission teams, in building a second orphanage, and in continuing to bless the work there.  It will be before our very eyes, we must be willing to stand still.  

When a person stands still they can observe (see) more clearly because there is less movement, commotion, going on.  They can absorb the feelings and the energy of a place, things that cannot be ‘seen’ with the naked eye but with your heart.

In 2 Corinthians 4:18, it states “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal”.  In all things, focus on the unseen.  We can focus on the mistakes made by others, we can focus on the physical, or we can focus on the eternal aspect – what is unseen.  Love, acceptance, reliance, souls, and forgiveness.

I never want to unsee individuals and their struggles, or Haiti.  People should be seen for who and what they are, and Haiti is to be seen as a “great thing the Lord is doing”.

This could be just a jumble of confusion…but hopefully you can ‘see’ the unseen.  God has done so much in my life this past year, bringing me beyond some moments I wish could be ‘unseen’…but I am learning to stand still, observe, perceive, and move forward. It’s time to discover (see) the greatness that can be!!


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