Haiti 2019 – Day Seven

Day seven, God’s number…my last day in Haiti.  We started the day off by going to Bro Bunker’s school.  It has grades k-12, and is considered one of the better schools in the area.  We went early to be there for the morning devotional and also the ‘raising of the flag’.  Watching all the kids walking to school in their uniforms, the younger girls with the ribbons in their hair, they are all very cute.  At the school there was a group of little boys that kept staring at me, then Lauren started laughing (this is her fifth trip here and she understands some of what they are saying); the little boys kept saying “her hair is not white”.  Of course I was doing one of my best Kenny G impersonations, my hair was down and going wild (the humidity helps make it wild).  They were confused as to why a white girl would have such wild curly hair. <smile>

Bro Bunker’s School
The boys that were confused about my hair
The girls at the school

After leaving the school, we headed out to deliver the medications we obtained at the pharmacy yesterday.  We had to take medication to the community that were on the other side of the bridge that had ‘fallen’ yesterday.  We made arrangements with the pastor to meet us on our side of the bridge, he was going to ride a motorcycle over (which is the only vehicle they are allowing to come over).  We decided to walk down and see what was wrong with the bridge.  We weaved our way through the traffic, with a motorbike coming precariously close to us at one point, and walked to the bridge.  Upon arrival we see that one end of the bridge is basically collapsed, the end we were standing on had a huge crack in it, and there is a MASSIVE traffic jam in each side because only small vehicles and motorcycles were allowed to cross.  CRAZY!!!  We then found out the pastor had made it across and was back with Bro Brian, so we turned around and made our way back.  The vehicles had seemed to multiply, and at one point we bent down and walked under the side of a tractor trailer.  We were weaving around motorcycles and people with wheelbarrows…made it back to the car and gave the medicine and instructions to the pastor and headed back to the compound.

Traffic Jam at bridge

Today was work day, we assisted in putting together books for the Bible School students to use when classes start in August.  It was a good morning, it took about two hours to assemble the books we had, now we have to wait for more supplies.

The afternoon was spent with Trudy’s Kids at the restaurant Elite.  We were celebrating June birthdays and the fact that Bro and Sis Brian were ‘in country’.  We drove up and David was bringing the kids, the van broke down (reminded me of West Point trips and we would pray to make it; or when my brother would go back and forth to college and we would ask him how far he had made it), car troubles are universal.  The kids had a great time, we had fun just hanging out with them.  

We asked for a funny face

We went back to the compound and hung out with the playground kids one last time before I leave in the morning.  I’m going to miss this beautiful country and the people who are willing to talk though we don’t understand much of what we’re saying to one another. LOL!  It has been a great week. 

Until tomorrow…ERM

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