San Antonio Day One

San Antonio: Small get-a-way for my birthday.  I’m turning forty-two this year…which is crazy to think it.  My parents had a two year old grand-daughter by the time they reached this milestone in their life, I have two cats who tend to be needy occasionally and that I feel terrible when I leave them.  Unfortunately cats do not travel as well as dogs, and mine are not very people friendly (they actually do not like being around other people — kinda like their owner <LOL>).

I decided to make plans to actually do something this year on my birthday, rather than just take myself out like the two previous.  For my fortieth I had BLS class and then took myself out to Lil’ Black Cafe in Grandin, MO.  I then went to my first opera a month later with my aunt, Becky Courtney, Madame Butterfly; I was able to mark opera off my bucket list — though I still want to go to a Russian one or one where they wear the horned helmets <goals>.  For the big four-one, I had recently moved to St. Louis, so I took myself out to Favazza’s on The Hill, after getting to leave work earlier that morning (around 2:00 am).  So this year I wanted to do something, mark some other ‘wants’ off my travel/bucket list…so this trip was planned.

When making plans, I did not realize that it was Easter weekend.  Oops!!  Once when I was little, the year we moved to New Mexico (I would have been 4), my birthday was on Easter.  My Grandma McClintock made me a bunny cake — actually a cake with a bunny that sat on top, and we celebrated with them before going to met my dad in New Mexico.  We drove out with my Grandma Ruby (my dad’s step-mom) in our Dodge Charger, and the top of my cake rode in the back window.  But I digress…

Today’s travel experience was not as bad as last year when I attempted to get to Scotland(oy vey!), but on arrival I was starting to question my desire to save time by flying instead of driving.  Luckily I went to the counter instead of just signing myself in with a kiosk.  The nice gentleman told me that I would not make my connecting flight in Houston (apparently they had terrible storms that put it all out of service), so they were changing my flight so I would still make it to San Antonio.  My initial arrival was 11:30 am, I would then arrive at 4:30 (via Chicago).  My flight was leaving St Louis at 9:17.  When I arrived to my gate, they made an announcement that if you were to be on the 9:17 flight to come to the desk…they then changed my flight to the one that was boarding right then (at 8:15).  So I left at 9:00 with a window exit seat and LEG ROOM, I arrived in Chicago with a flight scheduled at 12:30.  When I looked at the board I realized there was a flight to San Antonio boarding then, so I went to the gate and asked if there were empty seats available because I had been re-routed from St Louis.  The Nice lady put me on the plane, in the mid section — which means I got LEG ROOM — and I will arrive around 1:00 pm instead of 4:00.  YAY!!  

United was very helpful and accommodating with the changes.  My luggage may be lost in the shuffle for a bit…but it will be worth not having to hang at the airport all day and arrive later to my destination.  I walked away from this experience knowing it’s good to go ahead and go to your gate even if you are told there is a delay (I would have been stuck in STL for who knows how long), to actually pay attention to the overhead announcements about who needs to come to the desk concerning their flights, and it never hurts to ask about available seats.  Air travel is so crazy, but it still beats being in a car for the majority of your time off…I still made it in five hours compared to the fourteen and a-half I would have taken to drive.

On arrival to San Antonio, I had to stop and make arrangements for my suitcase to be delivered…because it was lost in all the changes.  The airport had fiesta stuff hanging everywhere — there are apparently festivities going on to celebrate the cactus. To get my rental car I asked the best place for food, was told Alamo Cafe, so headed out once I had access and hit the streets in search of food — it was 1:30 and all I had was a bag of airplane pretzels.

Alamo Cafe.  Very cool decor and great food.  I had Avocado Chicken enchiladas and black beans…which I think I like better than the received beans.  The staff were friendly.  I saw a chocolate factory close by, so hit it before going to my AirBNB to await my suitcase.  

It was a great day, and a good start to my weekend away.

More to come…follow if you wish on this journey of mine!! Exploring my world…living intentionally. ❤️


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