Vacation 2018: Scotland

Oh, where do I even begin…just getting started on this journey was a journey in itself.  I thought living in St Louis would make it an easier travel transition, Thinking that in retrospect makes me chuckle as I write this.  

My initial booked flight was as follows: STL – Detroit – JFK – Glasgow.  When I arrived my hour and a-half prior to departure for security purposes things were looking good though a little confusing.  My Delta app said I would be leaving from gate A2 yet the departure board said A3; luckily they were close together so I made camp to wait…and wait I did.  We were to leave at 4:48 pm, at 5:00 I was on the phone with delta making arrangements to change my flight because of mechanical difficulties that would make me miss my JFK connection.  

Second flight was scheduled as STL – ATL – London – Glasgow.  I went over, got my seat assignment and boarded the flight because it was to leave at 5:50 pm.  We boarded and sat on the plane.  My delta app kept telling me we were delayed, finally the nice captain came over the speaker and also said we were delayed.  They let us off the plane telling us, “the last flight tonight only has 80 seats left, there are 90 of you…decide if you want to stay in STL or ATL”.  EGHAD!! 

They let us off the plane at 6:50 to go and try to get a seat on the last flight.  I stopped at a different gate and told them this was my second cancellation and I was to be in Glasgow the next day, at this point  I was on the verge of resulting to tears to get something accomplished.  If you know me at all you know I’m a planner and a tad bit organized…I was beginning to stress a little, I have places to be and people to see.

My third, yes third, itinerary for this trip was STL – ATL – Amsterdam – Glasgow.  I was issued a third set of boarding passes and told they were doing the final call for my flight…luckily it was only one gate over.  I squeezed into my seat and took a deep breath.  When this flight actually started to taxi down the runway and took off, I was beyond elated.

I won’t be arriving when I initially planned, but I will be arriving.  And bonus of all this craziness I will get TWO stamps in my passport (to make up for my failed stamping last year in Canada), and I may get to see some of Amsterdam because I have a bit of a delay there.  Another bonus is that I pack in a backpack and didn’t check baggage…I’m afraid with all the changes in my itinerary my luggage may have gotten lost. 

I finally arrived in Atlanta, with 20 minutes to get from terminal B to terminal F.  They were calling my name on the overhead speaker as “last boarding call” as I was jogging down the terminal.  I arrived, slightly out of breath, but I made it.  Boarded my plane for Amsterdam and started my journey across the pond…final destination Scotland.

My journey is just beginning…finally.  Luckily unlike my normal trips I have no plans or specific places I need to be at certain times, except Harvest Bible College at 1:00 on Saturday for the graduation of my niece, Peyton.

Follow if you wish on this journey of mine…exploring my world!!


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