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Scotland Day 5 – Edinburgh: Vacation 2018

I woke up early, around 5:30/6:00.  Grabbed breakfast and got ready for my day.  It was so hot last night in my room, they do not have air and the window doesn’t have a screen and only opens about two inches for “ventilation”.  Missing my fan!! 😂

We walked down to the Queen Street station and caught the train to Edinburgh.    The train lady told us the train would “terminate” at the Edinburgh stop, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try to jump off prior or take my chances of surviving the “termination”. 😂

When we arrived in Edinburgh we got tickets for the “City Tour Hop-on-Off” bus and got on.  This bus gives a guided tour, with humor interspersed, about the city.  Very worth the money, you get to see the city and explore without walking it all, and from an advantage of above traffic (double decker bus).  I also did this with the kids in Washington DC, if the city you are visiting offers this I recommend it.

After stopping at St John’s Church, we got off at the stop for the castle.  We purchased our tickets from the bus driver so we could fast track and not have to stand in line forever — a very good decision once we reached the ticket line.  We made a pit stop on the way up the hill to the castle to buy sweatshirts.  Brrr!!  The weather so far has been 75-80, sunshine — what the natives were calling ‘hot’.  Today was low 60’s and rainy with cloud coverage.  I was cold in my spring clothes with short sleeves.  The store owner rang them up, and with his accent it sounded like he said “70 pounds”, he reiterated the price of “34 pounds” and I laughed because and said “take it off” to Peyton who had kept her shirt on after trying it on.  The store owner laughed and apologized, and restated the “34”.  Some of the accents (especially in Glasgow) are very hard to understand…but at least it’s a form of English. 

We explored Edinburgh Castle, the castle used in the movie Braveheart.  It has been changed to a Army Barracks, so a lot of it is off limits.  They did have a small portion redecorated to depict what it was during the era of Mary Queen of Scots.  It was interesting, we got to see the Crown Jewels and the ‘birthing room’ of King James.  

We finished out the tour of the city and started looking for food.  Peyton walked me up a hill to a restaurant and then states “This is where we got coffee”.  I personally was wanting more than coffee, I hadn’t eaten since 6:30, and it was currently 3:00.  So we looked around and I picked a Mediterranean restaurant.  When we were seated and started looking around, it was part of a scene from the Avengers new movie. 

We roamed around a little bit and made it back to the train station at 4:45, fifteen minutes into ‘rush hour’, so to save $ or from paying another 11 pounds per ticket, we will hang out until 6:30 to head home.

Then it’s time to pack and prepare for our flights home tomorrow.  


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