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Scotland Day 4: Vacation 2018

After eleven hours of sleep, yes eleven, I woke feeling like I could enjoy the day.  I knew I was hitting a brick wall last night, but I didn’t realize how fatigued I was.  My feet have blisters, my legs have had muscle cramps and soreness, but my mind is rested. Carpe diem!! 

Last night after the graduation ceremony there was a family member of one of the college students that had a asthma attack, that resulted in the loss of life.  He had medical history, but when the family gathered to celebrate this milestone non of us even thought this would be the ending of the day.  Instead of gathering together to recap the day and the laughs, the students were faced with how fragile life can be.  It’s a reminder to us all to not take moments for granted, to embrace the time we have with loved ones.  Live, love, laugh…to the fullest!! (Prayers for this family)

Started my morning with the hotel breakfast again, I added the pork-n-beans to my plate (one small scoop) and they add some protein I guess. LOL!  Also ate a banana to hopefully assist in my leg cramps/soreness.  

Had to request washcloths from the front desk, they do not stock them in the rooms.  I had used the hand towel previously, thinking they had just forgotten them…but when I realized they just don’t leave them, and there is a sign saying “if you forgot your face cloths”, I put a request in to have some brought up.

Went to church at New Life (Harvest Bible College).  Great services, both of which iterated to preserver through tribulations and to hold onto our anchor.

After service we moved Peyton out of the dorms in preparation to her flying home Tuesday, then we headed out to explore.

We ate dinner at the Butterfly and Pig.  A hole in the wall place that can be easily missed if you don’t know where it is.  I found it on Yelp, it did not disappoint.  

We grabbed the subway out to west end to look at Glasgow University.  The architecture of these building is mind blowing.  I reminded me of Hunchback of Notre Dam era or Beauty and The Beast castle.    Then we happened upon the e Berrie Big Band concert in the park.  They were playing big band jazz…very neat to catch a show and listen to some good music.

A nice and relaxing day.  Tomorrow we’re heading to Edinburgh, then HOME. 

The story will continue…


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