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Scotland Day 3: Vacation 2018

Hello avid readers (LOL), welcome to day three!  After getting a good six hours of sleep — which is good for this night shift worker in a foreign country without a fan for noise…who am I kidding, that’s good for me anywhere anymore.  I greeted my day.  It’s THE DAY, the reason I’m here, to be at my niece’s graduation…but I’m going to explore a little too.

The motel I’m staying at has breakfast available to guests, what a spread.  The only food that was questionable to me was pork-n-beans, sat proudly beside the eggs.  I like pork-n-beans, and I eat them at BBQ’s and fish fries…but breakfast?  I was excited to see ketchup and HP condiments sat proudly out to be used on my eggs.  I fueled myself and headed out to explore.

After talking to the desk clerk, and getting some ideas of what to see…I headed out to go to the Glasgow Necropolis (graveyard).  

Along my rout I came across a parade, or what is known as the The Orange Walk.  It’s a ‘demonstration’ of William Orange and killing Catholics.  The gentleman I was questioning about the parade said “it’s the opposite of your St Patrick’s Day, where they celebrate the killing of Protestants”.  He also said there was a lot more drinking and fighting on Orange Walk celebrations than St Patrick’s Day.  I enjoyed the band (I thought I was videoing one of the walks, but failed to have my phone on video). 🤦🏼‍♀️

I was able to explore the Necropolis and the Glasgow Cathedral prior to going to meet up with Peyton (she had texted with news that due to the Orange Walk Street’s would be closed and it may take longer to make it across town).

Graduation!!!  The service started at 1:00 pm, the house was packed.  It was warm.  They don’t have air, neither do they have fans to push the air around.  We had the superintendent of Great Britain and Ireland, Bro Francis, here who was the speaker to the graduates. 

After graduation we went down to the city center and looked around.  Walked Buchanan St, and ate dinner at Nando’s (a chicken joint).  My week caught up to me and I started crashing, it was time for rest.

Until the adventure continues….


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