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Scotland Day 2.2: Vacation 2018

I have arrived!!!  I called a Glasgow to Hire car, I was told by the powers that be (Peyton) that it was cheaper than getting a taxi.  My driver didn’t pull up where the operator told me he would, so I have some random guy walking down the sidewalk screaming “Taxi for Eleisha March”.  LOL!!!  We finally got it figured out and I was on my way to the motel.  I arrived to the motel at 5:15 and just relaxed for a bit. By ‘a bit’ I mean like ten minutes. <hehe>

Then I scrubbed the scum off, twenty-four hours of traveling in airplanes can make one feel scuzzy, and grabbed another Car for Hire (this driver has been doing this for 10 months, he retired from the NHS, medical field, to help assist with his grandson that has autism.  It provides him to be available at a moments notice), and headed to meet my niece Peyton.  My diver also told me they are having ‘unseasonible’ temps right now…it’s 65-75 degrees.  They of course don’t have air conditioners in the cars or my motel….I’ll deal with the no humidity 60-70’sas best I can. LOL!

She was waiting on the sidewalk…a sight for sore eyes.  She moved to Scotland in August to attend Harvest Bible College, I have talked to her a few times but haven’t seen her since then.  I gave the ‘hug from grandpa’ then one of mine own.

Tonight was the HBC (Harvest Bible College), end of year concert ‘Lifted’.  They all did a good job…but, they had us sitting in the dark.  My head became heavy and I started nodding off. <LOL>. I ended up spending most of the concert in the hallway area where the lights where on, so I could keep my eyes open and alert. 

Afterwards Pey took me to a restaurant near by they all eat at; I had homemade Mince & Pea curry “like we eat at home” (as the owner stated).  

Tonight capped off a crazy long travel day, but the reward of seeing my niece made it worth it. 

The adventures will continue tomorrow, but for now I need some sleep.


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