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Scotland Day 2.1 (“Is there a Doctor?”): Vacation 2018

So much happened with my flights alone, I’m dividing day two into two post. 😳 (2.1 and 2.2).

Well, with all the changes with my flights I ended up on a Dutch airline, KLM, everything was in a foreign language, including instructions — luckily I knew the basics of flying. <hehe>

They served food.  Which was good, since I was starving.  With delays, sitting on the plane, and running to catch my last flight across the pond I was slightly hungry.  The only other thing I had all day was a Starbucks panini, though it was good it had worn off by midnight.  I got dinner and breakfast, they were both fresh and tasty.

So you know when you’re watching a movie, and they are on a trans Atlantic flight, then the all page “is there a physician on board” is overhead and someone stands up and saves the day.  Well…at about 2:00 am Atlantic time the all page went out, some guy stood up so it was all good.  But it was taking forever…they had someone on the floor in the back.  Soooo…I went back to see if they needed help.  The guy that stood up was actually a ex-paramedic who was taking a blood pressure.  The patient had “sudden onset nausea, dizziness, and couldn’t remember how she got to the back of the plane”.  They denied medical issues, yet said they “had a water pill they took when their blood pressure got to high”. 🤦🏼‍♀️. We were a little limited (no EKG, no lab), so when the patient says “I’m feeling better” we had to take it at face value.  At least we didn’t have to make an emergency landing somewhere, and our person was breathing when we walked away.  For “compensation” they gave me a 100 euro voucher for a plane ticket, it was either that or 50 euro at the duty free store…but I have no extra space in my bag duty free or not. LOL.  I’m hoping I can buy a ticket under a different name and my niece or one of her classmates can use it.  The gentleman said they like showing their appreciation for people coming forward to assist…I almost told him to just give me a toothbrush and we would call it even — it’s been a long 24 hours. 

After seven of the longest hours of my life, we finally landed in Amsterdam.  I think my buttocks are numb for life. It was 7:00 am Atlanta time (my watch won’t change).  This airport is HUGE.  Luckily it’s all one piece and I wasn’t hoping on trains trying to find my connecting flight…and I didn’t have to run this time either.  Which was good…it’s about the size of Mall of America (or bigger) with every store imaginable there for people to shop in.

I was sadly mistaken that I would get a stamp in Amsterdam…apparently if you make it to their airport you’re good to go.  I was close to leaving and coming back…just to get one. 

After waiting 1.5 hours, I finally boarded the plane that would take me to Glasgow and my niece.

To be continued…


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