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Day 6 Scotland – Travel Day: Vacation 2018

Woke up at 3:00 am then 6:00 am, decided to get up at 6:15 to shower and pack, though I’m not off to the airport till 10:30.  Housekeeping took my coveted ‘facecloths’ away when they cleaned but did not replace them…therefore I capped my stay off with using the hand towel for a washcloth. Oy vey!  

My niece was not to happy that I was up, but she has a bus to catch at 8:00. 🤷🏼‍♀️. It’s crazy how things work out, I randomly picked a motel when booking my trip, it ended up being a block from the bus station that Peyt was going to leave from to get to the airport in Edinburgh.  She was going to have to hire a car and load all her stuff, and leave the college early to make it across town in time.  We instead had a friend bring her stuff over on Sunday and we walked over this morning.  Made it so much easier on her, and she was able to catch an earlier bus to give more leeway in time frames.  

I walked back to the motel and went to breakfast.  I saw the epitome of Scottish children picking out muffins.  Two red headed, freckled, pale skinned children were choosing between chocolate and blueberry muffins (in their awesome accent) and also taking one for “mum”.  It was a great way to cap off my stay.

Went to the airport at 10:00.  Security was very easy to maneuver, the only people who have to take their shoes off are those wearing boots, unlike STL where you have to remove shoes even if they are flip flops.   It was an easy transition.  When I left Canada last year it took 45 minutes to get through, they asked 500 questions and searched everything.  These lovely Scott’s asked how my stay was, where I was headed, and let me walk on through.  Much easier.  I did lose my travel moose, here mouse is to be included in the baggie of liquids.  The worker was attempting to make them fit and I told him to just toss them.  It was like .97 at Walmart and I’m headed home. 😂

My driver on the way to the airport was nice, he slowed his talking down so I could understand him.  He realizes that their accent is very thick and it’s hard for us to know what is being said.  For fun he talked  like he would with a friend…I knew he was going for food. <foodie at heart regardless of dialect>.  He was not excited about the English, and suggested I come back when I can spend two weeks visiting because there is so much to see.  He was not a fan of me going to Edinburgh…Glasgow apparently has a sore spot in that though they are a bigger city, Edinburgh is the capitol of Scotland.  I didn’t tell him that it happens that way in the states too.  He was happy that I came, and when asked if my niece felt that Glasgow people were nice I of course said “yes”, he laughed and said “we are, and I’m not just saying that”.

The Glasgow airport has free WiFi, unlike STL (where I stayed for four hours the other day while they were trying to get me on a flight that would actually leave the ground).  Flight to JFK was on time, and I had 1 hour and 45 minutes till my next flight.  Went through customers, then caught a train, to be deposited at a point where I then walked across a field for about 100 yards to terminal #2.  It amazes me on how different airports are.  I got my flight to Atlanta — it was on time and my gate didn’t change!!

Atlanta…I was dropped off and boarded my plane in the same terminal!!  No running, no almost missed flights.  The gate only changed once (while I was there).  I was talking to a guy, who it was his second flight ever, he said it had changed terminals once and gates three times by the time we boarded…he was a little stressed. 😂. Atlanta lived up to its reputation, and Delta couldn’t let me have a normal flight home…we were delayed 20 minutes past our departure time. 😭

FINALLY, I arrived in St Louis, collected my car, and arrived at My house by 2258 STL time, 0458 Scotland time, one hour shy of 24 hours of travel.  Bleh. 😴😴

I was happy again that I only had my backpack and didn’t have to wait for suitcases.  

Made it home, said hello to the cats, and went to bed.  After applying some essential oils good for circulation to my legs…my cankles and cankles.   

It was a great trip…now for my next adventure…until then…


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