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Milestones In Life

Today marked two milestones in my life; one was the two month anniversary of my new job (my first day was February 19) and the other was my birthday.  Just minor things…that can be make one stop and reevaluate where time has gone, what has been accomplished, and where one is going from here.  The reflection can be good with positive outcomes, or can be bad with negative reactions (ex: texting someone from your past and calling them out on life) Oh vey! <face palm>  Just because one reaches a milestone does not give one free reign to go helte-skelter into situations.

But that is nothing here-nor-there.  Some things I’ve realized over the past two months.  St Louis drivers stop for NO REASON on the highway.  You are in stop-go-traffic, or just stopped traffic, thinking the worst situations and expecting to see a major pile up on the freeway…there is nothing, anywhere.  It is individuals trying to get on/off the highway and they have traffic blocked, they cannot seem to understand that you just drive.  Push the pedal on the right, and make the wheels go round and round.  At home we of course had to worry about getting behind a tractor and not being able to pass…but eventually when the tractor reaches a drive way big enough to pull over, they check the traffic and wave the cars around.  They keep things going.

Medicine is medicine.  But sometimes it doesn’t feel the same.  That may seem weird, but when you work in a small county hospital, where the nurse does EVERYTHING (A-Z), when ancillary services (lab, radiology, respiratory) are ‘on-call’ and it takes about thirty minutes for them to arrive,  and when you get everything within a thirty miles radius and deal with whatever walks in the door (regardless).  Then  you move to a facility that focuses on cardiac, that doesn’t have a trauma room, that has ancillary services in house 24/7, has a case manager on staff in the ER to facilitate the process on admission <shocked Home Alone face>, and you have other facilities within two minutes that take all “stuff” that would liven up your day — you have to adjust.  I love my new job, the opportunities it is providing me (learning new software in a ‘non-crazy’ setting; new procedures; school opportunities), and the people I work for are all great.  But an adjustment…daily milestones.

My birthday milestone was good.  I spent it as I did last year, alone — celebrating the step into the new year of my life quietly.  Last year I went exploring in the woods and ate at Grandin Cafe; today I slept (due to working night shift), cleaned house, explored The Hill and took myself to the Circus.  The Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods in St Louis.  I started by stopping by MO Baking Co (MBC) to grab some goodies for the weekend, then went to Favazza’s at the recommendation of the staff at MBC.  Then I headed out to Circus Flora for a night of figuring out the story of the Missing Bellhop.  Easter weekend I watched the movie, The Greatest Showman, there weren’t bearded women, giants, or midgets involved; there was only one ring instead of three; and though we did have a live band and two songs…no full on dance routines with songs to tell “feelings” were involved in the show I saw tonight. <smile>  Both, the Greatest Showman and Circus Flora, were good in their own right.

Funny story from this morning.  I got off work early and was in bed around 5:00 am instead of 8:00, and apparently passed out.  I woke up at 6:59 AM and jumped out of bed asking myself why I slept so long and overslept — the circus started at 7:00 pm.  I starting looking for clothes that I could throw on so I could make it to my plans.  I was upset that I hadn’t made it to the bakery, and I had wasted my day sleeping.  LOL.  Joke was on me…I finally realized that it was the morning (AM) and not night time (PM).  I calmly crawled back into bed to wait to kick-start my day.  <night shift woes>

April 19 has seen many milestones…Revolutionary War, Boston Marathon, First Woman running Boston Marathon, Branch Davidian (Waco, TX), and the Olkahoma City Bombing.  All of these events marked a significant change or stage in development of our world/communities.  Just as these milestones shaped and formed change; I want to allow my personal milestones to continue to change and development me into a better person.

On my journey to be a better person, to be shaped and changed into what God wants me to be…I will continue exploring my new world, meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, and just being free to move and be.  I have enjoyed the past two months…and there is so much more to do, see, and become.  I still have my moments of going helter-skelter into situations, having feelings of not accomplishing everything that should be <no kids or husband on the horizon>, and wondering where I will be when I reach my next milestone.  But I have learned from my past, from the milestones, and I look forward to where and what I will be.



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