Investments…being invested

We all make investments.  Sometimes we don’t realize the type of investment we are making because we do it without thinking; other times we are fully aware of the investment and we hope for a good return.  People invest financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  We do this as individuals to secure our future, to make friendships and connections that will sustain us through our life.  Investing in individuals can build a foundation for us to stand on throughout life to assist us in becoming what we are to be.

Parents invest in their children without knowing what the end result will be.  They feed us, cloth us, and provide us with education and opportunities that will shape and guide us into our future.  They discipline us when we stray in hopes that we will take what is instilled in us to become more than they were and all that we can be.  There are some parents that do not invest in their children, they just procreate without thought of what the children will be or even caring what they will become…the community I grew up in some continue having children because it gets them a bigger monthly check and it is the only life they know.  A never ending cycle of abuse of a system that was started as an ‘investment’ in individuals (welfare) to assist them in getting back on their feet, but that became a crutch that people relied on to live their daily life relying on the government to supply them instead of investing in themselves and their own futures.

Individuals invest in others in hope of securing a future with someone that will love them and support them through life.  They give one hundred percent of themselves, to only find out that the investment was a bust.  There was no return on it, and they are left holding nothing.  No support system, no returned love, lost friendships and a foundation that has crumbled.  I personally have invested in someone that ended up depleting my storehouse of reserves.  You wonder if it would be considered “insider trading” if you publicly warn others of the poor investment <LOL>; but you realize that there are others that are already investing in the same program/person…some of them are back for round two (they left and invested in something/someone else…but have came back for seconds).  You want to give a public safety announcement to warn individuals of guarding against investments, so know their worth and know what to invest in and what to stay away from.

Young people are investments.  This is inside and outside of the church walls.  Teachers invest in them daily at school, providing them with education and opportunities to make the most of themselves.  Inside the church youth pastors and ministers guide them, and provide them with tools that will make a solid foundation.  They attend conferences and conventions and receive “powerhouse moments” with God that alters their life.  They come home changed, they stand in front of the congregation and make statements about “not backing down”, being “changed”, “taking stands”…yet as a year turns over and life happens the investment into their life is diminished and they lose sight of the end result.  They stop investing so much time and effort into the God aspect of their lives and they start focusing on the physical aspect (a dangerous step).  It makes me saddened to see young people that have had a powerful encounter with God, move away from it and allow little things (relationships) to move into its place.  Why?  Because I myself allowed “little things” into my life that altered it.  We must guard our investments and make sure that we are putting them into things that matter and that will secure our eternal goal…not just the here and now.

God has invested in each and everyone of us.  He secured our futures at the cross when he stated “It is finished”.  We have the opportunity to live eternally with Him.  But we must be ‘vested’ in the process.  Being vested in something, one becomes biased in it.  They have an interest in it that is personal.  God personally is biased toward each and everyone of us.  He loved us before He knew us.  He shaped us in the womb, forming us.  In Psalm 139:13, it states “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb”.  And in Jeremiah 1:5 it states, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you;…”.  God has a vested investment in each of us, who are we not to return the investment back to Him?  I have failed at this.

Over the past month I have been reevaluating my investments.  I know that I have some that are a bust.  I placed time, effort, and emotions into investments that did not give a return.  I was left bankrupt — emotionally and mentally.  I failed to invest daily in my relationship with God who was fully vested in me as an individual, I took that for granted.  Some investments can leave us feeling like we are not worth anything, that we are lacking and that we are failures.  But we must know our own worth, know when to walk away from the poor investment and become what God intended us to be.  If we focus on investing in the One that is totally vested in us the return will always be good.  We will have high returns, good dividends, and the retirement package cannot be beat (eternity with our Creator).

Investments into self and others is important, we must be willing to give of ourselves and to be willing to give of ourselves.  Is it hard?  Yes.  Once you have a poor investment you want to create walls and stop giving because you are afraid that all returns will be bad.  But when we invest wisely, and stay the course…then we have positive returns and the end result will be worth it.

Looking forward in seeing the results of investments that are being made in this stage of my life, and the benefits that are to come.


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