A month gone by…just a ripple in time.

It’s been a month.  A very busy month.  A move, that I lassoed two of my friends into helping with.  We loaded my car and my mom’s van down to the hilt, and made a one day trip out of it.  My dad and cousin, Elmer, had brought my large items up the week before, we were left with bringing all the small things and the cats.  Several trips up the steps later…I was on my way to a new adventure in the second story apartments (a.k.a. condo) set in a quaint neighborhood.

After move day I spent two days putting my life/house in order in preparation of my brother and his family arriving for their weekend in St Louis.  Do I still have a few things that need a home, most definitely.  I have two boxes that are not going to be used — which is amazing, because prior to this move I had a room full of boxes (about twenty) and some in the living room of things I had not touched (except to move) when I left my house in 2013 (after selling it to my brother and his family).  In preparation of this move I uncluttered my life — threw away stuff, gave stuff away, and donated stuff.  It is nice to know that I am using what I own.  Then of course I have the standard seven years of “papers” that is mandatory for me to keep.  bleh!

Then work started.  Two weeks of in class orientation — they went through skills and information.  Meanwhile also assigning online courses.  <eeek>  So it’s been busy.  Add to that hitting the floor for staffing shifts.  I LOVE my job.  I love nursing, and I am glad that I decided to change my life when I was 32 and went back to school (it’s never to late…until you die).  And I love being able to nurse, and nurse only.  Not wearing several hats and being held responsible for things outside of my scope of practice or training.

On top of adjusting to a new job, new software, and learning my way around a facility that is big enough to fit all of downtown of Doniphan in it…I am also looking for a new home church.  <boo>  There is nowhere like West Point.  I was spoiled having the opportunity to grow up under the pastorate of Bro. Carr and Chuck, and the music department can do circles around some of the best.  The people at West Point have your back, regardless.  Do they have their ups and downs?  Of course, everyone does.  We are not perfect, but that is what makes it perfect…being imperfect together and assisting each other along the road we are traveling.  I am still searching for church that will be “home” to me.

Then the city noise. <wide eyed look>  I definitely will not be listening to the crickets chirp, or the whip-poor-will’s acknowledge the beginning of summer.  Paul and I were joking at work the other night that I would be visiting the local pet store to hear the insects <hehe>.  Has it been an adjustment?  Yes.  getting accustomed to there always being something happening, that takes getting used to.  Coming from a town that closes most the stores by 6:00, having access to food and bakeries until 3:00 am  is something that I am not accustomed to.

But all-in-all, I have loved this new beginning in my life.  There are adjustments that have to be made.  Leaving some old haunts and situations behind, walking into new opportunities and learning situations.  Now to just complete settling in by finding a doctor and dentist…I at least have an Aldi’s two blocks away.


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