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But, I am home…

New adventures make for some mental adjustment.  I often took long weekends in St Louis, visiting my favorite haunts; eating some great food; and crashing at a friends, my aunt’s house, or grabbing a motel room.  I have now been in STL one week today, it’s been a crazy week with moving; setting up the house; having company; and starting my new job.  I know that I now live here, but a part of me is thinking I will be going back “home” soon and my time off will be over.  But…I am home.

It is weird how some things become second nature without trying and yet other things are still ingrained from the “before”.  I know my new address without fail, yet when I am giving someone my zip code I want to say 63935 and I pause and have to think about it for awhile before giving my new zip code.  Trying to remember who I have contacted and updated my information with, who I need to contact, and the joy of finding new doctors, dentist, oil change place, and bank. <bleh>  My bank at home has the best options, and I will keep them, but I will need a local bank to deposit cash easier, and possibly extract cash easier.  So much stuff!!

My new apartment feels like home.  The cats are having some difficulty because they hear neighbors on the stairs and they think that there are visitors coming.  My cats don’t like visitors very well, Pixel will come out and look at people, but rarely does he interact with them (unless he is performing night time chest compression’s  on unsuspecting guests (my brother)…to let them know he was leaving their room. <LOL>).  Callie hides, and stays hidden for hours after the episode is over.  But they have both adjusted well for the most part, and they come out while I am here — which is an improvement from the first couple of days.  But coming in, there is comfort here and it feels like a home…my home.

Everything happened fast with this move.  I have wanted to move back to St. Louis, or somewhere, for awhile.  To get opportunities and to have options of things to do.  To get a new start and broaden my horizons.  To get away.  I interviewed around the first of December and had a job by December 22, with a start date of Feb 19.  The apartment I’m living in was a God thing, one of the doctors I worked with had one open at the exact moment that I needed one.  It is in a good neighborhood with security that was signed off on by dad. <hehe>  Things fell into the place, and worked out in a way that made the transition good.

The opportunities that are being presented and given to me here are numerous.  I have been blessed, and things have fallen into place.  From the job opportunity and hire within two weeks, an apartment being available, and the way I was able to have time between my last shift at Doniphan and my first one here.  I have already learned new things just in orientation, and the tools and equipment that are being presented as “everyday use items” are things I have never seen or come into contact with.  Does it help that it’s an innovative hospital in a large city, yes, but there are some things that they are saying are federal regulations that I have never heard of, or came into contact with.

With all that said, Doniphan will always be “home” and I will always have ties to small town life.  I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of working at the hospital in my home town and being available to loved ones, friends, or friends family.  I understand the comfort of having a familiar face meet you at the door in a critical time in your life or in your families life.  But to promote growth, and to learn new things, sometimes one has to leave the familiar and branch out into the unknown.

To better myself, to get clarity and freedom from things, and to accomplish new goals I had to change things.  I have a home that will always be home regardless of where I go, but for now I am home.