New chapters…in my book

When reading a book it’s always exciting when you start a new one, exciting to see how it ends and the steps to get you there.  A good suspense book keeps you turning the pages, there are some books I barely get past the first chapter (yes, though I love to read and have a very eclectic genre of reading I do have some unfinished books laying around my house), other books I stay up all night reading because I want to see what happens and I cannot put the book down and make myself go to sleep.  When I was little my dad read a lot of Louis L’Amour books, he would come to the dinner table late and say “they were in the middle of a gun fight, I couldn’t leave them hanging”.  Reading is a way to experience the world and stay in your own cozy environment.

There are times though that getting out of the norm, breaking free from the ordinary and what is, and going out to experience the world for oneself is beyond anything one can get from a book.  It’s like when they make a movie of a favorite book and it follows EXACTLY how you envisioned in your head how it should be.  I have had a great opportunity, as a small town to see and experience places that some people only read about.  I have been to China, Taiwan, Honduras, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, and to several (40 i think) of the fifty states.  I am blessed.  Breaking out of the ‘norm’ has pretty much been my life.

As with any good book, or experience, there are pages to be turned and chapters to be finished.  I personally will be finishing a chapter in my life and starting a new one within the next month.  I will be leaving Southeast Health of Ripley County, my “home” of nursing, and venturing out on new opportunities and into a new chapter.  It took me all day to hit “send” on my resignation letter (at both Southeast and Arkansas Methodist).  This is my home, the only place I know as far as nursing — of course I’m also case management, respiratory, and lab…here at SEHRC nurses do everything.  The nurses are a one-man-band, playing all the different instruments (job positions) involved in patient care.  I had a very well rounded on the job training.

I would not change anything about my book so far, the experiences are what has made me the person that I am.  If life were laid out like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book and we were able to backtrack or make it as if decisions made earlier in life never happened…I would have chosen some different options, and done some things differently.  But it is not…therefore I will embrace what is and move forward making new memories and writing this new chapter in my life.

My new chapter will involve a new hospital, new home, new church <sad face>, and old friends that I will rekindle friendships with.  I will be revisiting an old haunt from a chapter in my life previously lived, and return to St. Louis.  I am looking forward to this opportunity that has opened for me at this point in my life, and am excited about the new beginnings.  Nervous about what is on the next page, but looking forward to what will be written.

Doniphan will always be home, but for now my new chapter will be written in St Louis.

To new chapters!!

<prayers appreciated that the move goes smoothly>


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