2017 Holiday Greetings — Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wow!  I cannot believe that 2017 is already drawing to a close, this year has seriously flown by.  So much has happened this year that part of me is glad that it is closing and part of me wishes that we could go back and start over…and have different outcomes.

This year greeted us in January with the loss of my Aunt Claudette.  It was one of the hardest experiences of my life, personally and professionally.  I still miss her, look for her in church, and consider the experience something that has shaped me into something different the past 11 months.

I turned forty in April. <gasp>  I cannot believe I have hit this milestone, some days I feel every day of 40, other days I can’t believe I’m actually 40.  It all occurred without a blip on the radar, I took myself out to lunch and celebrated it.  No “Fabulous Forty” parties or craziness.  I did catch an opera in St Louis a couple of weekends later.

The end of April we had a historical flood in Doniphan, water levels reaching 32 feet, the Current River bridge had water going over the top of it.  Life was shut down for about a week in our community.  Our church worked with the Southeast Action Agency and assisted in providing food, water, and cleaning supplies to families in our community that were affected.  Hope International, Billy Graham programs, and a couple other groups from across the nation came to help us in the aftermath of the flood.  It was a crazy time, and we are still currently dealing with the devastation, and some businesses are yet to reopen.

Speaking of the opera, I marked that off my bucket list.  I went to see Madam Butterfly with my Aunt Becky Courtney the weekend of Memorial Day.  It was a small set in St. Louis, but I can say that I have seen an opera.  My next goal is going to see one in New York…preferably one where they wear the horned headsets, but for now this will suffice.  Call me crazy…I will do anything once, and to be able to say…”Yes, actually I have done that”.  Adding culture to this small town girls life! :)

August my niece Peyton moved to Scotland for school.  <EEEK>  I am seriously jealous (in a good way) and excited for her.  She is having the experience of a lifetime, getting to see a lot of different countries, and immerse herself in the culture.  I’m excited because I am getting to plan a trip (hopefully it pans out) of going to her graduation.  Yay Scotland!! :)

September found me getting to run away for awhile.  I took a short trip to Quebec, Canada.  It was a beautiful city, I enjoyed getting to spend time with my friend Melissa for a few days.  Getting to walk around the old cobblestone streets, eat great food, and just be away to breath for awhile was nice and relaxing.  I was disappointed that my passport did not get stamped, but hopefully soon I will get to go somewhere where that will happen.

It has been a good year overall.  I continue to work at Southeast Health of Ripley County and also at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould, AR.  I am blessed two have to great work “families” that I get to share life with — I see them more than I do my own family.  I love being a nurse and getting to work in the emergency room, helping people at crazy times in their life.  Becoming a nurse was the best decision for me.

I hope this letter (recap of my year) finds all of you doing well.  May each and everyone of you have a very blessed holiday season, hold your loved ones close and let them know what they mean to you.  For those who have lost loved ones this year, may your hearts be comforted during this season.  May the coming year bring health, happiness, and peace.

Love to all my family and friends…



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