Today’s Shopping Experience

Today I finally had a day off.  I worked five straight, the last two being night shifts (something I haven’t done in awhile).  I came home from vacation and went right to work, had two days last week to clean and run errands then have been working since last Thursday with a day for a wedding, it was time to get some groceries.

I had a car appointment to get my windshield wiper recall done in Poplar Bluff (PB), so I was excited to get to visit the newly remodeled Aldi store, check out the new 10Box, and of course do my monthly Wal-Mart run.  After getting a quick nap after work, I headed to PB to get my day started.

When my car appointment was complete, and I had completed a favor for a friend, I headed to 10Box.  This store is the new version of the Harps store in Poplar Bluff.  I loved their Harps, it had a great bakery and a lot of food options that were not available at other stores (i.e. my zevia sodas).  I was looking forward to getting to check it out.  Walked in and I almost started twitching.  Seriously.  If you are someone that likes order, you are organized, or don’t like going to thrift stores that can be crowded…I DO NOT recommend this store.  You walk in to pallets everywhere, with items just thrown in.  The isles are very narrow and it is hard to get around with a cart and dodge other people.  Then the fact that the price shown is “cost” and they will add 10% at the register, so you have to sit there and try to figure out how much it will actually be.  All the while people going everywhere in the narrow isles.  I about went coo-coo.

Am I crazy (debatable) but as an individual with MS crowds and crowded places make me uncomfortable sometimes…to the point where I feel like I want to come out of my skin.  It’s normal for those who aren’t so normal — check out this story: Sensory Overload.  Therefore, it was too much. Trying to shop, trying to figure out prices, too many people.  Not a place that I will probably ever shop at again unless I want 20 steaks.  I quickly left and headed to Aldi.

Aldi had such a great face lift and remodel.  I liked the old Aldi, but when I started working in Paragould their Aldi’s was awesome.  Our new Aldi is more like theirs.  Unfortunately I arrived after the school hour, so there were more people there than normally when I shop, but I was able to get some of my favorite items at prices I knew when putting it in my cart.  I didn’t have to sit and try to find out what I would ‘really’ paying at the cash register.  I’m glad it is opened again.

Of course I topped my trip to Poplar Bluff off with a stop at Wal-Mart.  My one stop shopping, with prices that often cannot be beat.  I support buying local, and supporting our local stores…but when a box of cereal in town is $5.78 and the same exact box wal-mart is $3.48, I will probably wait to purchase that till I go to the Bluff.

All in all, I personally did not care for the new 10Box store.  I will continue making sure I have my 25 cents for a cart and my carry bags in my car to bag my groceries and shop at Aldi’s…rather than the chaos of 10Box.  But to each their own.




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