Quebec City, Canada – Day Three Vacation 2017

Oy Vey!  Today I bummed around the house for a bit then headed out for a day in lower “Old City“.  The lower part of the old city is more tourist, though it does have several older buildings that are marked with placards that show the year the building was built.  A lot of rock structures, that have been turned into restaurants or souvenir shops.  There was a cruise ship that had docked that has A LOT of people milling around, but they cleared out after a short bit (they were called back to port) and it was just a basic number of people.

Prior to making it down town I stopped in St. Roch, the rehabilitated district of the city.  I perused the streets here and stopped in the Eglise Saint Roch church.  The care and work that went into constructing such a magnificent building amazes me.  The era that they were built, wooden scaffolding was used.  Being raised in a carpenter’s home, and building a house myself, I often look past the basic and absorb what is behind the actual building.  What it takes, how it was put together, and just the awe of the actual structure.  They had a pipe organ that was being played at the time of my stop in to view the church, it was interesting to hear the music being played, the natural acoustics of the building allowed the music to reverberate throughout the place.  Outside the church was a box set up with a refrigerator and cabinets that churches and other organizations put food in for the homeless people that live there in that district.

Hoped back on the bus and headed down to the lower district.  Did the whole tourist thing (snapped pictures, purchased a souvenir, and mingled in with the crowds).  I then took lunch at a quaint little cafe Casse Cou (which means ‘break neck’), with a window seat that overlooked the street.  I felt like I was further away, in a place that would have actually stamped my passport, and it was a relaxing lunch getting to watch the street traffic and enjoy my poutine.  Walked back through the Old town, contemplated walking up the steps to the upper level, and then headed back out to catch the bus back to the industrial neighborhood where I am currently staying.  My calves, heart, and fat self voted NO to walking up the steps. <hehe>

Side note:  It’s a small world.  As I was browsing in one of the shops, I met a couple (the DeRamus’).  They were off one of the cruise ships.  They currently pastor in Pennsylvania, but hale originally from Louisiana.  While they lived in Louisiana, they pastored at a church where two guys I grew up with (Chris and Bobby Turner) attended.  So two people that had connections to Doniphan, MO, ran into one another in a souvenir shop in Quebec City, Canada. <play Disney’s “It’s a Small World After All” music here>

The bus system.  For a girl that lives in a town with NO public transportation system at all.  That is trying to navigate in a city that all the signs are in French.  That the bus drivers speak ‘some’ English.  Who did not have a bus map available.  Today was an adventure.  The buses only stop at certain stops, and you have to catch the bus with the number (1, 800, 801, etc) that will take you to the next stop, to catch the bus that will actually go to where you want to go.  Then the bus stops themselves are little cubicles, with plexiglass walls that act as a magnifying glass to scorch the fair Irish skin of the foreigner in their midst.  I barely missed my #1 bus when I FINALLY found the bus stop (the guy at the museum said “See that light, go there and it’s there” (while pointing to the stop light across the road).  In reality, it was up two blocks and turn left, the stop I needed was across the street and half way down that block.  But I persevered, found what I needed, and got myself back where I belonged. <smile>  And, hey, now I can say I can navigate the public transportation system of Quebec City. <bleh>  Oh and by-the-way…definitely sit in a seat that is facing forward, or have your yoga core ready…you will be thrown out of your seat if you sit in the sideways seat and are not properly braced (just saying).

We headed out this evening to the neighborhood of Levis, to get ice cream, watch the sun set over the city, and then we grabbed dinner.  Very cool little neighborhood, great view of Quebec City from across the water, and great ice cream at Chocolats Favoris, the original location.  We did it a little backward and had dessert prior to dinner, but that’s how I roll.  I was a glutton (I do love my ice cream) and I had a dipped cone and some gelato.  I got the baby size in both (and didn’t completely finish the gelato).  Watching the sun set over the city, and the “old city” coming to life with lights was cool.  We also saw some kayakers in the river.  When we left the water front, we stopped in a Cosmo’s for dinner.  Very interesting, eclectic, restaurant.  Great food!

All, in all, it was another great day.  Full of soaking up the city and enjoying just being without a schedule or needing to be at work.  Tomorrow I head to Montreal.

Until Later…ERM

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