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Quebec City, Canada – Day One Vacation 2017

Day one is here…finally vacation, time away to just be and explore.  I love traveling…but not so much the actual traveling part. Bleh!  Today was a day of travel that included delays, turbulence, two planes, and two different buses.  But I finally arrived to my destination, after a day that started at 0400.  Needless to say my bum was sore and I was tired.  BUT…I’m in CANADA!

I had delays out of St Louis, due to weather.  I was glad that my pilot is instrument trained because we flew out in a blanket of nice white dense fog this morning.  Then from Philly the captain tells us that they have “rerouted us due to weather, and I had to type the coordinates in before take off”.  It was reassuring that my pilot was depending on google maps to get us where we were going. LOL.  All in all, other than my mad dash out of terminal F to terminal A in Philly, and almost missing my flight due to an update on the American Airline App I downloaded, it was all good.  I did get 20 minutes of exercise in due to my sprint through the terminal though. :)

The language barrier is interesting to say the least.  There are some with ‘very’ heavy accents that make it difficult to understand, and I’m sure they wonder what spaceship beamed me into their world with my southern Missouri vernacular.  Needless to say the lady at the coffee shop did not know what powdered sugar was, though it was plainly sprinkled on the croissant that I wanted to purchase — apparently here it is confection sugar.

When in contact with my friend about my whereabouts, I told her I was in the middle of nowhere because I couldn’t read the signs.  I stated that I assumed I was on the correct bus, but “I could be on a bus of a traveling gypsy circus group” for all I knew.  They scanned my ticket said “merci” and let me board.  We realized I was on the correct bus, because I eventually arrived at my location.

All in all the majority of the people I have come into contact with are bilingual, which is helpful.  I am excited about getting to explore the city and spend some time here soaking up the culture.

Until later…


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