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Montreal, Canada — Day Four Vacation, 2017

Today is my last day in Canada…I’m happy and sad.  I’ve totally enjoyed my time here, but I am ready to be home in my own bed and to see my cats.  I’m sure that they will voice their displeasure with me being gone all week when I return.  My mom and dad has been taking care of them for me this week, and keeping an eye on my house (THANK YOU mom and dad…for being willing to take care of my animals and allowing me to get out of dodge for awhile and explore the wide world outside of Ripley County).

Today we traveled the two and a-half hours to Montreal via car, much better than the bus ride to Quebec City on Tuesday.  We started the visit off with a stop at Mount Royal.  This is the highest point in Montreal, with a huge cross on top that was placed in 1643 , the initial cross was replaced in 1924 with an illuminated cross, and accepted as a park in 2014 with trails being added and it becoming more accessible to the public.  We walked a 3 1/2 mile trail to view the cross and to overlook the city.  Very neat getting to see it all from a birds eye view.

We left Mount Royal and headed down town for the opportunity to check out Maison Christian Faure pastry shop.  Doing what has become par for the course of eating dessert before dinner.  The desserts were beautiful to behold…and tasty.  We walked through the old town of Montreal.  After dessert we went to Suzette’s for dinner.  CREPES!  I asked for a coffee with a pretty top, I wanted hot chocolate, but he said the top would not be pretty so I opted for a latte. <lol…crazy I know>  Our waiter went to and told them that I wanted “something pretty”…they did not disappoint, my latte came out with a maple leaf and two hearts on top <happy>.  I again experienced eating my meal in a window seat over looking the street activity.  I have decided that that is what my life is made for, to be where I can eat in little cafe’s that overlook streets.  They make one feel cozy.  I had a lovely crepe, that was totally worth the walk.

We were walking along Rue Saint Paul, the oldest street in Montreal.  Part of it was cobblestone, and for pedestrians only.  It was a very neat area.  The whole water front was very neat.

The evening was topped off with as top at Wal-Mart, so I could pick me up some snacks.  I rather enjoy me some Canadian candy called coffee crisp and fuzzy peaches.  I sometimes am able to talk others who are traveling to Canada, and one person who has a connection to supplies of them to obtain coffee crisp for me.  But today I was able to purchase them myself, and they had a new flavor!  I was a little excited about it.

We arrived at the Crown Plaza to crash out for the night so I can start my journey home tomorrow, and they had wedding parties everywhere.  We stopped and peaked into the room for the wedding tomorrow, very beautiful.  We contemplated being wedding crashers, and even contemplated methods with the couple that we shared the elevator with on what would be the best method.  We decided that if we wore our pj’s they would undoubtedly know that we were the crashers. <haha>

It was a great day to top the week off with.  I have packed my bag to verify that I can carry all my goodies home…so far it works.  If not I am afraid that clothes will be left behind and not my cookies.

Until later….ERM.

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