Final Day and Recap of Vacation – Canada

My final day of vacation was spent traveling, not as bad coming home as going.  I did get up and ‘at em’ at 3:45 (couldn’t sleep), and was at the airport by 5:30 am.  The security and check-points leaving Canada were a lot more secure and thorough than when I left St Louis.  Shortly after 9/11 the security at St Louis rivaled that coming out of Canada, but this trip I basically walked through with no issues.  In Montreal they herded us through like cattle, asked and re-asked what I had been doing and what had been purchased while I was gone.  I went through three “check points” each one verifying that I was who I was and had a ticket.  It took about 45 minutes, and there was not that large of a crowd, I would hate to see it on a busy day.

The one time I missed my large digital SLR camera this trip was when I was flying into LaGuardia airport in New York and was able to see the bay and Lady Liberty holding the torch high, was not able to get a good shot with my new Sony quick shot camera I purchased.  I love Lady Liberty and all she stands for, I had the opportunity to explore her when I was about 7 years old when my family vacationed in New York (and visited my Uncle Alder and Aunt Becky).  We also had a blow out on the Brooklyn Bridge and a bomb threat at the play in Central Park (Much ado About Nothing), among some other teachable/learning situations…so that trip was very memorable.

Flying to St Louis we arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule, had a great tail wind coming form New York.  Called for my motel shuttle and went to get my car.  Was nice to be behind the wheel again.   Grabbed some lunch at St Louis Bubble Tea and headed home.  Of course I topped my day off with unpacking, doing laundry, and relaxing with my feline friends who were happy to see me (I guess, at least they didn’t bite me). <LOL>

Recap of Vacation:

If you like to travel, don’t think you can afford going across the seas to a foreign country, but want the feel and experience…I suggest Quebec City/Montreal Canada.  Quebec City over Montreal (Montreal has a TON of traffic — to many people, but neat non-the-less), but either will work.  To be immersed in a city that has a different language being spoken as the primary is an experience worth having.

I flew round trip for $269.00.  If you watch airline flights you can more than likely get a good deal.  If you have a large family you want to experience the whole thing with, you can drive.  Montreal is not far across the boarder, and Quebec City is just three hours further north.  Quebec City is approximately 20 hours from Missouri, easy accessible and there are a lot of things to see between here and there (the northern states are full of history and things to see — before they decide it all needs to be torn down too, like the southern statues).

I had a great time exploring the city, walking the cobblestone sidewalks and seeing the old city.  Some of it had been commercialized, but for the most part you could still feel the personality of the place.  I enjoyed getting to view old churches (some where better than others, because they too have been commercialized).  The food was amazing.

Things to keep in mind:

Travel when you can.  Make it happen.  Don’t wait till “tomorrow” because sometimes tomorrow never comes.

If you are in certain states, you will need to update your driver license, even to travel within the states.   Missouri License will not be accepted after January 2018 and you will need to have a second, acceptable, form of identification.  Please be vigilant in what is needed, it is sometimes complicated to travel without draw backs…not make it harder than it should be.

I love to travel, and will continue to do it as much as possible.  It keeps one mind open and allows for new experiences that would otherwise be lost.

Until later…ERM

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