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Peyton Kylie…Fly High!

It’s here.  The day that you have been planning for and talking about for at least four years.  Eight years since the desire was placed in your heart, when you came home from Ireland with the hope to return to the area and go to school in Scotland.  How do I deal?  I write.  I have feelings swirling and colliding and what better way to deal…than to put it to paper and blog a post to tell you what I cannot get past my lips or form into words.

First off, I am so very PROUD of you.  You made me an aunt for the first time.  You were so tiny, and though you threw up on me — actually you threw up on everyone basically, you let me know that it was ok for some to get away with saying my name completely wrong.  To you I was “Eeya” (or something similar to that, always the same word), and for once it was acceptable to not be “E”-leisha.  Coming from the big brown eyed little girl that soaked in the world with awe, I would be anything.  I eventually graduated to Aunt Leisha, and I would not trade it for the world.  I am excited, sad, and maybe a tad bit jealous about this opportunity you are embarking on. You have made me proud to be your aunt, you have grown into a young lady of God that I myself can learn from.

Your parents swore they were raising my child.  We have some of the same tendencies of stubbornness, independence, no filter, love of photography, and organizational/leadership skills…to name a few.  Of course you did take after your father in the computer nerd/geek aspect of your personality, I’m sure those qualities will assist you at some point <eye roll>.  LOL!!  Watching you grow and come into the rolls that you have held throughout the years has made me look back at my self and realize that though it was awkward, sometimes difficult to fit into the mix, and I wasn’t always “in”…those qualities that separate you will take you into a life full of possibilities and avenues uncharted.  It will provide you opportunities to take others with you to heights not reached to this point.  You will learn how to channel all of it into traits that will work for the best of you and those around you.  Keep soaring and reaching.

I will miss seeing you here, there, and everywhere.  My weekend McD’s Coke run girl is leaving me.  I’ll stress out at work and not be able to deal without my “fix” being delivered by the yellow delivery taxi.  I’ll miss getting ran up to at church to be shown the “SLEEVES IN MY PONCHO” or the dresses that have pockets.  To be shown all the new gadgets and newest “thing” that I could be doing with my phone if I just knew that it existed in the first place.  Never lose the awe of the world and all the little things that make it up.

As I sit and think of what Saturday (8/26) holds my heart is happy, sad, and a little jealous.  I know jealousy is wrong…but who wouldn’t want an opportunity of living in a foreign country, surrounded by people that will nurture the values and foundation that was instilled in you from birth, all the while getting to experience a new culture and life.  Yes, it’s old school to you, you were in a similar situation in 2009 when  you moved with your family to Ireland (that day I stood and watched the five of you walk away down the terminal, prepared me slightly for this, but not really).  Remember that every experience is different, every opportunity will impact you in a different way.  Embrace it.  Soak in every thing around you.  Let it all build into the gust of wind that takes you further than you have ever been before in God and in life.  Fly High!


ERM  (a.k.a – Aunt Leisha)