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Life Continues…

On April 30-May 2 the area that I live in was devestated by a historic flood.  Businesses and homes were lost, recreational areas have been shut down, and the river has been rearranged.  Those who were personally affected by the flood (lost their business or home) had to deal with it, continually on a daily basis.  Those of us that were affected for the few days the water was up, we had to rerout ourselves around different highways and it was inconvience, but our lives continued.

Are we affected on a daily basis?  Of course I am.  I no longer have Casey’s General Store to stop at and grab a piece of breakfast pizza — which by the way is a great way to kick your day off — or a donut.  Sonic is no longer a “go to” for dinner on my way home from work or for a mid-day “pick-me-up” half price fountain drink.  It’s a way to save money and also stick more closely to eating healthy, but life continues.

My bank now resides in a trailer in Town and Country parking lot.  I have no access to an ATM that does not charge me fees, and my important papers now sit on my table at home rather than in a safety deposit box.  Having online banking and a checking account (Kasasa) that refunds my ATM fees has become more important over the past month.  Life continues.

For nine days following the flood my church assisted at the Flood Relief Center at the Fairgrounds (along with several other organizations and individuals), we helped supply families with hot meals and perdsonal items needed to live after they were flooded.  There were individuals who had lost everything themselves, still had water in their homes, who came to assist with the relief efforts.  They would comment “what else is there to do, there are many that need help”.  The unity that was in our community astonished the groups that came from out of town (Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, ect) as to the amount of progress we had made and what we were doing as a community to help.  Normally they have to start at ground zero and establish the systems that we already had going since day three of the flood.

This whole thing is a reflection on life in general.  We have milestones in our lives that we achieve, sometimes life is altered but it continues.  We may lose a loved one, our lives are altered but it continues.  We may change jobs or lose our job, life is altered but it continues.  Our lives here in Doniphan have been altered; some businessness may not reopen, the livelhood of our community (the river) has devestated us and the revenue that is usually generated during this season may be lost (due the the river being unsafe – the Ecoli) and not having the services available.  Life continues.

As in life this flood has affected us individually and as a community.  We have all been altered in some form or fashion by it.  We have bound together and have worked to restore our city, and we continue to work as each of us can in our own individual ways.  Supporting the different endeavors to make us strong again…to ensure that the life that continues is as great or better than what was before.  There will be things that have changed, there will be stuff that is gone, but we will continue.  Because though life and circumstances can be devestating…in the end it continues.

We become stronger, we become survivors…we continue.


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