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Annual Christmas/New Year Letter – 2016

Where do I begin?  This year has been interesting…with some small and large changes, some travel, and some new beginnings.  Sorry to those of you that like to have cards that can sit on your mantel, or hang on the fridge.  Since my years in nursing school, I have given up the traditional card mailing and succumbed to using technology as an “out” for easier access and less time. Here’s to a quick recap of my year and future plans for 2017…

The biggest change actually happened last October (2015) when I purchased a house and moved into a more permanent living arrangement that would ground me to the area and keep me from following my gypsy blood and being a nomad.  This year was spent trying to make it my home and getting comfortable, though  I still have boxes stacked in my living room and a “storage” room that I haven’t unpacked and went through .  Two-thousand-seventeen will hopefully see the remodel of my house, and making it a more permanent decorated living arrangement — with unpacked boxes and decorated/painted walls.  A girl can dream, right?

The other major change in my life was branching out of my comfort zone and taking a PRN job at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center, a level three trauma center, in their emergency department.  It’s a little bigger than the small county hospital that I have worked at since my graduation from nursing school, but I LOVE IT!!  I am learning a lot of different options for care given, and getting trained on new technology that will be good for future job options and training.

Fun things this year, I finally got to travel some.  I did not get a stamp in my passport (something I am aching to do), I did get to see some pretty country.  In July, KJ and I went to Gatlinburg, TN, for four days.  We were bumming around and relaxing.  Were told about five different ways to say the food gyro…we didn’t care how they said it as long as they gave us what we wanted. :)  We were able to see the mountains prior to the fire in December that destroyed a lot of the surrounding area of Gatlinburg.

Another trip I had the opportunity to take was to New Orleans, LA, in November.  During the “Deercation” Holiday for the public school system (two weeks off in November for deer season and Thanksgiving), I took the kids (my two nieces, and nephew) to New Orleans for their Christmas trip.  It was a lot of fun, and I plan on going back to the beautiful old soul city someday (you can read about our trip in the November 2016 section of my blog).

I have had the opportunity to meet new friends, connect with old friends, and have relationships alter throughout the year.  The biggest surprise I think of the year was the outcome of the Presidential Election in November, I still have patients that comment on the election and the results.  A lot of the older ladies don’t care to voice their opinions loudly and emphatically on how they feel about the candidates and who won/lost.  It can make an interesting time of care when I try to stay neutral on the subject in the public setting of the hospital…but some of them are very persistent on my take on the situation.

All-in-all this has been a good year.  I’ve grown in some areas, lost ground in some areas, but continue on in the day-to-day and live my life to the best of my ability — still failing in some areas.  I try to trust and be open to new opportunities, but history and past experience clouds my vision.  To the coming year, that will have new milestones and changes than the last, I pray to conquer fears that are known and unknown and to be the best me that I can be.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  May God bless you and keep you through the year.