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Fighting Fat…and Winning!

Alright, I know I have some faithful followers and some people that randomly stumble across my site.  Some of you that read this will know me personally, and some will not have a clue as to who I am.  But I’m going to say up front I’m going to be real, I’m not writing this for pats on the back or for anyone to feel sorry for me.  I’m going to state facts (whether that be about how I felt at points in my life, or what I was told, or how I was treated), and it’s life.  It’s past.  But it made me who I am today, and provides the little voice in my head (no not the crazy town voices) that guides my thoughts and reactions on occasion.

I started a weight loss life change program on July 4.  It is through a company that promotes healthy lifestyle whether that be with what we use for beauty aides, lotions, food…everything that we consume physically (inside and out).  Those that know me are rolling their eyes because they’ve heard this before, they’ve bought stuff from me before, and they know that I have ended up back where I started.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve tried EVERYTHING!!  And when I say everything, I mean it.  I’ve tried weight watchers, IT WORKS, Advocare, 3 Day Military Diet, 21Day Fix, PiYo, and basic exercise and eating right.  I saw results with some of the programs, and yes it takes effort of doing the exercise and making meals to see results, but I would not keep the results.  Some of it is because I am a carb addict, ice cream fanatic, and I love to eat JUNK.  The majority of these plans allow you “cheat days” and ways to make it so you can just count the calories and points and mark it off if you decide to have the candy bar and soda for lunch instead of food.  Some of the programs have supplement packets that you have to take at certain times of the day prior to eating and after; with my work schedule and my lunch hour never being at the same time (if it happens at all some days), it was hard to have success because I couldn’t take the supplements when I needed to.  They are good programs, they just didn’t work for me.

I’ve always been a large person.  I was bigger than my friends growing up, never one to be the petite one.  I didn’t have to worry about sharing clothes! :)  I was called “buffalo butt” and “thunder thighs”, never picked first — who wants the chubby kid on their team.  I was the size of the Jolly Green Giant with flaming red hair and freckles, so needless to say I was never the one picked to go on dates either (maybe my size didn’t have anything to do with that…still not picked for that endeavor). LOL.  As I got older, continued to put on weight the voices and failures of my past were the voices and “cheering section” of my present.

On July 4, I started the Arbonne “30 Days to Healthy Eating” program.  This program focuses on cutting out foods that are inflammatory, that cause allergic reactions to individuals, and that cause people to gain weight.  It focuses on eating the food the way God intended — fresh and without additives (such as GMO’s, and antibiotics that cause the animals to grow faster).  I was diagnosed with MS in 2010 and have numbness and inflammation problems due to how the illness affects my body.  I had a rash on my abdomen for two and a-half months that I was treating with Bactrim Cream and cortizone with no success of it going away.  After one week on the program, the rash was gone.  Now into week 4 I have less numbness and irritation than I had previously.  I have also lost some weight (I have many more pounds to go)…BUT mainly I feel better.  I’m focusing on eating healthy foods that fuel my body instead of junk that gives me a quick high – sugar boost.

Has it been easy?  Not always, especially since I work at the hospital and there is food there all the time that people bring in.  Tempting me to eat crap.  I have saved a lot of money by not eating out all the time.  You don’t realize that the $10 a meal adds up until you’re not doing it anymore.  I have my cravings, but you learn to eat good to curb those cravings and to break the hold that carbs and other foods have on your system.

Have I been 100% the whole time?  No.  I failed.  Or actually I took my nieces and nephew on a day trip and ate some food.  My plan is to be 80/20 in life.  If I eat 80% clean and have 20% of times that I go out with friends and family….I’m good with that.  I know how I feel having cleaned my system, and how I feel by not having all the toxins in my system to be willing to stick to the 80 if not higher percent of clean eating.

Sorry for such a long post.  But I hope this encourages someone to keep going.  I have battled my weight for many years, and I finally feel like I may have a winning hand.  If you are interested in this program that I am on, please feel free to contact me.  We can do this!!


You can check out products that can be purchased at:  http://EleishaMarch.arbonne.com/

Battle of the Bulge…a lifetime struggle

I have a weight problem…I always have and I probably always will.  It is something that I have grown up with.  The women in my family have hips, thighs, bellies, and butts.  The men were lucky enough to be tall, lean, and thin.  I look at food and gain weight.

In my first round of college I lost weight when I went to work at a shipping industry, I was finally down to less than what I was in high school.  I hit a milestone.  Unfortunately, as with every milestone in life you reach it then pass it…and sometimes lose it.  I lost it.  I gradually put weight on, making a pact with my brain “I’ll never weigh “x” amount”.  I went through a period in 2009 that had me losing weight, and I got back down to almost what I weighed in college.  Was not a fun experience on how to lose weight, but I lost it.  I apparently searched hard for it, because I found it…plus some.

Then came nursing school.  I did really well between year one and two, and exercised daily and attempted to eat right, and went into my last year (2012-2013) in better shape than I had been in for awhile.  Unfortunately, for an emotional eater the stress of being told that you were not good enough to be there, and never knowing from one day to the next if you would be able to continue in this plan of life had my cortisol  levels skyrocketing and I gained weight.  Coming out of college and into the nursing field working nights for the first year and a-half, caused continued weight gain.

As life continued, I reached an all time high in my weight, and a place that I never thought I would be.  Then I hit 35 plus and it didn’t seem to matter what I did from starving myself, to fad diets, exercise and eating right…nothing seemed to help.  Hitting that “I’m never going to weigh this” weight.  Dealing with the fact that I was at a point in my life that I never thought I would be weight wise, having plans that I thought were going to happen when I got out of nursing school be squashed, finding out that people that you thought were supposed to have your back actually stabbed you in it.  As an emotionally eater, and a lover for carbs led me further down the weight gain path.

Life has a tendency to be brutal…some of it we bring upon ourselves, or a lot of it we bring on ourselves, it still causes us to be in places we never thought were possible.   I am not a petite person, I know that I will never be a cute little pixie that can wear the clothes that they place on the mannequins to draw you into a store.  I am tall, medium bone build, and have family genetics that go against the odds of that.  But I can do what I can to be the healthiest I can be.

I will be forty soon…quicker than I ever thought possible.  I don’t have much to show for my forty years on earth.  I have a passport with stamps in it, two cats, a house, and student loan debt.  Not much to bring to the table when making a deal with someone.  Recently there’s been a theme in my life telling me that the person I have become needs to be worked on, changed, and “fixed”.

To help fix me, and to become the best “me” I can be, the healthiest possible I took steps to reach a goal by my 40th.  I started in January, had some success, then fell back into old habits.  I’m a carb addict.  I like food.  I eat ice cream and junk food like it is going out of style.  I use it as a stress relief for a quick high.  When at work and it’s going crazy, I grab carbs or a soda to help me through the “spot”.  I have finally found a path that I have been on for two weeks that I think will help me – physically, mentally, and health wise.

Food has inflammatory results on people.  It can cause highs and lows, and cause our energy to ebb or spike, then crash.  What we put into our mouths plays a major part on how we feel.  As a person that lives with MS, and the inflammatory process can cause problems with how I feel and operate on a daily basis.  My weight can cause decline in my health faster than anything else.  Movement is a major part of the battle with MS, must stay healthy.

I started a program through Arbonne two weeks ago and feel better now than I have in a long time.  It’s a cleanse, to remove whey, sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy — all items that can cause allergic reactions in individuals.  I have only lost 7.2 lbs in two weeks, but I have cleared up a skin condition that would not go away regardless of what I used on it.  I feel better physically.  I am eating clean, cooking at home, and focusing on myself.  I am excited about where this road will lead me and how I will be when the 28 days are up.  I have to make these changes in my life so I can continue being the best I can be to help those that need me.  To be able to be strong for my patients and family.

The battle of the bulge will continue to be something that I face daily.  It’s in my genetics.  But I can do what I can, and the process that I am learning through this program will assist me in making choices that will facilitate a life change.  A change that will assist in my battle of the bulge, and will hopefully make the bulge a little less.  Not focus on food as an outlet to life, but as a fuel for life.  One step at a time.  One change at a time.