Gatlinburg, TN – Vacation 2016

This year I scaled back some on my vacation plans, 2015 I went across Utah and Arizona, this year I opted to go within driving distance and still see some mountains.  The mountains are vastly different, they are green with trees on them; whereas last year it was all brown and stark.

Since we are/did drive, me and google maps are working on our relationship.  Sometimes she thinks she is funny when she states things such as, “You are on the fastest route despite traffic”.  But then she often tells me to have a good day.  At least I have kept cell service and radio stations throughout the vacation…unlike last year.

So far we have had a travel day, with a stop at a very sketchy gas station that had coin machines on the wall with an array of items.  They have either banned these machines in MO or I haven’t been in such fine establishments lately. <hehe>  KJ opted to stay in the car with the doors locked.  I do give kudos to TN for their rest areas, they are large, well lighted, and have a lot of information.  They make up for the questionable gas stations along the way…they just need to put gas pumps in so you can get/do everything in one stop.

Wednesday we spent the day bumming around Gatlinburg.  We went to the aquarium, I loved it!!!  They have a tunnel that you walk through that allows you do go under all the fish and see them up close and personal.  There was a window washer, washing the inside of the glass in a scuba suite. (LOL). It was well worth the money, and we went early enough that there was somewhat of a crowd, but not overbearing.  Me, nor KJ, are fond of crowds and we can only enjoy being around people for so long at a time.

After the aquarium, we headed down the strip and went to the Star Cars Museum.  KJ is a car lover and this did not disappoint.  They had cars that were well known enough that anyone could enjoy the museum, but cool enough that those that are really into it were impressed.

We then took in Ripley’s Believe it or Not, it was interesting but not recommended for small children.  There was a lot of reading required, not just something you can walk through and grasp without reading several plaques with a lot of info.  The last couple of rooms were interactive and a lot more fun than the first half.  I of course stepped on a bridge that ‘collapsed’ and gave everyone a good laugh.

We relaxed in the motel then walked around the village that is across from our motel picking up some donuts at the Donut Friar, then ice cream at Kilwins, where they make their own ice cream.  Yelp is my friend!

Yelp also helped us find our pizza place for take out our first night here, Luigis.  They had quick delivery time and the food was very good.  KJ had a gyro that she deemed “as good as the place across from the Fox theater”.  My pizza was tasty and made for good left overs.

It’s been a great relaxing time away so far.  Looking forward to today and getting some sunshine time in.  Our motel has a private balcony that looks out over the mountains, very relaxing and nice place to stay.

Until later…ERM

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