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More Than a Bandaide Station

On Thursday night, March 31, at 7:00 pm there will be another opportunity for the community to voice their questions and gain information concerning the hospital and the tax that will be on the April 5 ballot.  Please I ask you to take this opportunity.  After the last meeting there were questions and information going around town that had been skewed and people were still confused.  To understand fully what is going on, and to get the information first hand so there will be no questions about what was said…take this opportunity to come and get the information for yourself.  We want you to be an informed voter, regardless if you are for or against the tax…be informed about what it will entail and what the community will face.

Doniphan Vitality shared the following on Facebook of what our community will lose if the hospital closes: “Crystal Jones of Southeast Missouri State University has run an economic impact scenario to estimate what might happen to local jobs if our local hospital Southeast Health Center Of Ripley County and two clinics were to close in May. Here’s what she found: the loss of 102 hospital jobs could have a ripple effect in the community, costing an additional 23 jobs in construction, retail, transportation, finance and insurance, real estate, professional and technical services, waste management, health care, social assistance and food services. Adding it up, the hospital closure could mean more than $5 million in salaries could disappear from our community in an instant, with men and women aged 25-64 being hardest hit.”

The ripple effect with be widespread…encompassing more than we can probably imagine.  From hospital staff and families, to pharmacies and eateries.

Following is a comment that was made on my original post Southest Health of RIpley County concerning what our hospital has done for a member of our community.

Elizabeth Bradham on

I live in Ripley County and have a rare genetic disease. For 45 years I suffered with this disease with no medications, came close to death many times, some of those times in what once was called Ripley Memorial Hospital. It was a godsend for me when 5 years ago the first medications became available to treat the life threatening swells that occur with having HAE. The only down fall to the medication is that it has to be administered by medical professionals.When I first started receiving medication the hospital in Poplar Bluff was contacted by myself and I was told NOT to come to their ER as they didn’t want to take the time to learn and educate themselves about my disease and treatments available, so that left Ripley County. Since it is primarily an emergency situation involving airway blockage, I was very nervous at first because I was going to have to depend on the very hospital that had seen me near death before and could not help me because of lack of knowledge and medication but I reached out anyway. It was the best decision I have ever made. The emergency staff was eager to learn and educate themselves on my disease and how they could help me. Many times when I go to the ER there are doctors on staff that know nothing of my disease much less how to treat it, but the nurses quickly educate them and make sure there are no issues with the administration of my medication. Without Southeast Hospital in Ripley County I would die. Plain and simple. I cannot help but think that people with heart attacks, strokes, shooting victims, accident victims and many other critical care need situations would die too without the efforts of our local ER. Do I want to pay more taxes? NO. I will however do what I need to do to make sure that we in Ripley county have access to medical attention when we need it. I beg of you not to allow this hospital to close, not just for myself but for all of us that a 20 minute ride to Poplar Bluff can mean the difference between life and death.”

HAE – Heredity Angioedema – is a non-curable disease that can be life threatening if not treated within limited time frames.  Ripley County Hospital/Southeast Health of Ripley County was part of the trial process that got a medication, Kalbitor, on the market and FDA approved.  The representative for Kalbitor came to our facility last week (March 16) and held a informative training session.  They were very appreciative about the role our hospital played in this drugs pathway to being available to individuals across the country for treatment.
This is just one of the many stories that have been shared concerning what our hospital has done for individuals of our community and their families.  We are more than a band-aide station.  We are able to stabilize and care for people, being the link between them and what could be detrimental results.
Please make a point to come to the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, March 31, to become an informed voter and get your questions answered…it’s your right as a citizen of Ripley County.