Looking past the exterior…

Had an experience the other day that made me check myself and wonder how others perceive how I treat them.  I know I am not perfect…not by a long shot.  I have bad days, and sometimes I cannot hid my “feelings” or “thoughts” from my face when I’m dealing with people.  Whether that person be a colleague, friend, patient, total stranger, or acquaintance.  It is what it is.

The situation that caught me off guard is that I was talking to an individual that had several piercings and tattoos.  I made small talk and we discussed what the different tattoos meant.  Each one they had had a significant meaning to the person, and through the conversation they stated “I get them because they are the only thing I can take with me when I go”.  As we wrapped up our conversation before moving on they stated “you’re the first person to treat me as a person and not look at me like I have some type of disease”. <knife right through the heart>

No kudos to myself in this situation because I know there have been countless other situations that I have walked into and through that I did not always consider the person on the inside, past the exterior that they were showing the world…and possibly even hiding behind.  Part of me wanted to cry for the person that has went through life dealing with judgement because of how their arms and face looked, yes they did it to themselves…but there is a person behind the facade.  Just like what lies behind the doors of a house…the outside can be beautiful and well kept but walk through the door and there is definitely not a home to be found.  Yet a house with broken shutters, an un-kept yard, and one that has stuff strewn throughout the yard can be one of the most peaceful places you step foot into.  It’s not always about what is on the outside.  The other part of me wanted to reprimand myself for failing so many others I have come into contact with.

Will I be perfect in the future…reaching out and dealing with the person within.  Probably not.  Because one – I’m human, and two – some people have ID 10 T errors a lot and that makes them hard to deal with.  But my conscience was checked this day…to look past the exterior.  I don’t want to be perceived as as someone that is stuck up and doesn’t have time for you…regardless of what you look like, smell like, or your actions.


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