Christmas Letter 2015 – Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Wow…this year has flown by, and a lot has happened throughout the year that made changes in my life.  I hope this letter finds all of you doing well, enjoying your Holiday Season, and getting to spend time with family and friends.

The first notable event was when I graduated from Central Methodist in May with my BSN.  It was all supposed to go down in December of 2014, but I put the breaks on the coarse load and re-worked the timeline one session because I was tired of stress and I had the ability to do it this time.  In the associates program for my RN it was “do or die”…I was tired of the ‘die’ part and decided that I would put graduation off a few months, but still succeed.  I received my diploma in May, and can now place three more initials behind my name…BSN, RN.

I got to travel some this year.  I did a small weekend trip to Wisconsin in the spring.  Spent some time with a friend from Gateway, was introduced to Culver’s, saw my cousin who was working up there, and of course bought some cheese.  In July, me and my niece KJ took a trip through Utah and Arizona hitting a lot of the National and State Parks.  It was an interesting road trip for me, Kirsten just kept saying “more rocks” and was not as impressed.  I did get kudos for the Goblin State Park and Hoover Dam.  It was an experience driving through mountains without guardrail protection with switchback curves, free roaming cattle (they have cattle guards before going onto a freeway), and scenery that makes you want to hang your head out the window to take it all in.  It was beautiful and I can now mark it off my bucket list.

Upon returning to work from vacation, my schedule changed to days.  YAY!!!  Why is this considered an “event”?  Anyone that has worked shift work will understand.  I was working six on/eight off nights.  I was never on the ‘right’ schedule of sleep, I stayed tired and worn out, and would often sleep through events that were happening in my family and with friends because my inner cycle was off.  This change has offered me the opportunity to get on sync with the rest of the world, have stores – other than the convenience store that is open 24/7 – as a place to shop, and to be able to explore the state I live in.

In October I purchased a house.  I said I would never do this again, but the opportunity was to good to pass up.  I was blessed with a very good deal.  My house payment vs. rent is cheaper and it’s mine.  I added to the equity side of the balance sheet.

With the purchase of a home, I also added a member to my family.  We adopted Pixel a sister, Callie.  They fight like siblings, but they also have their sweet moments…and it keep him from attacking me.  My arms no longer look like I run through brier patches for kicks-and-giggles, and it gives him someone to play with and keep him occupied while I work or am off exploring.  So now I have a family of three.

There have been a lot of positive changes throughout this year.  There are still set backs and bad things that happen, health issues to deal with and life in general.  But keeping the focus on the ‘good’ helps the bad days seem less ‘bad’.  Life is not life without a balance.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



  1. Dear Eleisha!

    Glad, my Dad reminded/ suggested to me to read your letter…

    Things are finally slowing down – we found the courage to let them.
    I was kinda tired to sing the ongoing song of “oh, how crazy is this life, a constant battle for order…”

    Congratulations on your diploma, BSN,RN :)!! Great accomplishment.

    By now Simeon ist going to be 12y in Feb, Michael is 10y , Jonathan is 4,5 and Johanna is 2,5 (wild one).
    We moved into a larger (app 160 square yards compared to the former 100) appartment – luckily “just” two floors up in June this year and I had started to renovate the place about a year earlier…still not finished yet….:)

    I´m still working part time (very little though) as a occupational physician for teachers.
    Last year in September I started to continue my courses in christian counselling which I very much enjoy.
    It helped me a lot working through some issues in my life and our marriage and I really feel that this kind of work is actually my calling from God.
    Maybe some time in 2016 I´ll start to work in a clinic for psychosomatic illnesses in oder to get my specialization.

    A very blessed 2016 to you and Deborah, Dalton, Riley and Tara with their kids!!

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