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Uniform Jobs…making the world go round

There is so much “stuff” going on right now with the misconception of what nurses do.  I am a nurse, I love my job, and sometimes it’s a thankless job that people ‘expect’ certain things yet they do not understand the whole picture of what we actually do.  It has stirred up a nation within a nation, as many news outlets have stated, we are 3,000 strong.  Nurses are a population of people that work and live within the population.  But we are not alone.  We are not the only individuals that work in a daily job, that people do not understand or that are taken for granted.

The uniform.  Many people wear uniforms…whether that be scrubs, business casual clothes, business clothes, everyday clothes, or actual uniforms that are made for that particular job.  There is a big uproar about the comment of a “physicians stethoscope”, and nurses are getting all out of joint.  What people need to realize is that there are several people that use a stethoscope…and sometimes nurses probably fail to thank and appreciate the work those individuals to.

For instance…EMS crews (EMT/EMT-P) and first responders that are the first on the scene of gruesome situations that we have no clue about.  They use stethoscopes, and are often underpaid for the job they do.  Often these individuals have the patient stabilized and ready for care by the very nurses that are screaming about injustice of what was said…yet do we, as nurses, thank them and appreciate what they have done to get the patient to our doors?

Other individuals in the medical field use the stethoscope to assess and take care of the patients.  The CNA will use one to take blood pressures when the patient is reading to high or low for the automatic machine to take it.  Respiratory Therapy make sure that the breathing treatment was productive and the patient is breathing easier.  The LPN works just as hard as an RN in assessing and monitoring their patients.  And of course the doctor uses one…and they rely on the rest of the staff to give a detailed account of the patient after assessments are performed.

Then there are the other thousands of individuals that go to work daily in a uniform, that are just as misunderstood and under thanked as nurses.  Police are one of the first groups that come to mind…they have been targeted and are being killed on what seems like a daily basis for doing their job — of protecting us.  Sanitation people that pick up the trash…if it were not for them our streets and ally ways would be a disaster.  Teachers, they wear a basic every day uniform, yet they are forming our future by teaching our current generations (usually for less than we can imagine).  Funeral homes who are on call 24/7 and have to leave their families in order to be there for others in their time of need.  It takes all of us to make America function.  We each have a part that is to be “played” out, and without each of us our society would fail.

Then there’s the media.  The media that is used to incite riots and cause destruction in neighborhoods where cops are killed.  The media that portrays the destruction of villages in countries that are killing our military, yet they focus on the family that was killed who may or may not have had bombs strapped to them that were about to kill our men and women fighting for freedoms in places away from their home and family.  They do not show the humanity side of the military of them rescuing families in need…only the death and destruction of what was.  The media who sits behind a desk each morning, drinking coffee, and giving their ‘input’ on situations that they have no first hand knowledge about.

It is the uniformed individuals that are making America function.  Many times it is thankless and we wonder ‘why’ at the end of the day.  BUT we LOVE what we do or we wouldn’t be doing it.  The cop that doesn’t know if he will come home at night, the teacher that is underpaid and deals with sarcastic kids daily, and the nurse that is hit and spit on while drying to make the patient more comfortable.  We continue to work, and deal with the public, and do what we do because we LOVE what we do.  We are keeping American spinning.  We keep the world functioning so the media will have something to sit behind their desk and talk about on the morning news.

Take care America…uniformed individuals…keep doing what you do, so America can keep going.