Nevada – Day Eight: Travel Day

Today was check out day.  We got up, did our twice check to make sure we were taking everything with us that we brought.  Did express check out and headed out.

Note about the casino, after Sunday it wasn’t bad.  The wait for an elevator was non existent and it wasn’t so crowded.  So for anyone traveling to Vegas may I suggest not to arrive or leave in Sunday.

Since we are accustomed to waiting in an airport for hours(our delay on the way out) and since Vegas’s is like s shopping mall (unlike STL), we opted to just go to the airport and get things settled.  The car rental rerturn was a breeze, and security here was easier than STL.

The traffic in and around Las Vegas was MUCH easier and better than DC; and it was no worse (maybe even better than) STL.  I’ve conquered another city!!

Tips for western travel:

1) buy a annual pass for the state parks, you will save $$$

2) bring an atlas or a state map for where you will be; Google maps is great but you will not always have cell service

3)  bring your favorite CD and your not so favorite; radio reception is sketchy

4) Make sure to keep your gas tanked filled and go to the bathroom when you have the chance.  Facilities for both are few and far between.

5) buy a small cooler to keep drinks and snacks in…at the first Wal-Mart you see, it will save $$ and you will have stuff available.  Or purchase a thermal bag that will hold ice and pack it for when arrive.

6) DO NOT fly Frontier…they are the worst airline I have ever flown — including the one that almost wrecked in China. Now that’s bad!! ?

7) don’t waste money on a casino stay, regardless of how cool it looks, because if you don’t use the amenities it offers then a regular motel will suffice (though it was nice being close to everything)

It was a great trip, I loved getting to see all the different parks and viewing God’s handy work.  Next year I’m heading North or foreign…we’ll see where my gypsie blood takes me…LOVE TO TRAVEL!!!

We were blessed with traveling mercies, beautiful weather, and a great adventure.

Until next time…ERM

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