Arizona – Day Six : Hoover Dam, Driving

Woke up this morning in Williams, AZ, a unique little town that has a train station which performs the Grand Canyon tours.  We did breakfast at Cafe 326, a little bistro type cafe with their own roasted coffee.  Sat down to my breakfast sandwich and tuned into morning service with  West Point Ustream, watching the awesome move of God and rejoicing with my church family.  After a quick stop by the train station we headed out to Hoover Dam.

It was another LONG drive today.  It’s only six hours across the state, going out we broke it up into four days, so it wasn’t bad, coming back it was two days… With a three hour drive to get to a destination.  But KJ had a book today so she stayed occupied.  I got to look at the scenery and keep scanning for a radio station.  It was better than previous days, for the most part we kept radio and cell service. YAY!!  There is so much traffic here…in Utah we would see maybe two or three cars.  We don’t know what to do with so many people.

Our first stop was Hoover Dam.  It was beautiful!!!  We did the tour and went down to where the turbines were.  It was a 70 second elevator ride, down 520 feet into the pit of the earth to see the workings of the power plant.  How they made it was beyond their time, they used a cooling mechanism to cool the cement that it would cure faster.  It blew my mind how it was built in 1930’s….but it supplied a lot of jobs during the depression.

Side Note:  I think I have an invisible sign on my head that states “My dad freely talks to strangers, please converse with me”.  Had some random guy that apparently was on his third trip to the Dam, he said he had been there when you could walk on the main floor by the turbines, then after 9-11 and you couldn’t go down to the equipment  area at all.  Interesting, but I have a bad habit of not being comfortable with random strangers.

We left there and headed into Las Vegas.  Found our motel and went to settle in.  Oh my lanta!!!  KJ and I are not that much on crowds, did I ever make a mistake in booking a room at the Circus Circus.  People everywhere!!!  The line to check in was like being at the airport.   Then to find our room…two different sets of elevators and a crowded “store area”.  When reading online they made it seem family friendly and low-key.  Not the case at all.  Needless to say we found our room and burrowed in for the night.  CRAZY!!!

Until Later…if I survive and KJ doesn’t put me out of my misery from my unwise decision…ERM

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