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Bachelor of Nursing…check

When I started out on this in 2009 I really didn’t know where I would end up…and that is still a wide open field at this time.  I had just turned down a job with the Missouri State Highway Patrol because they would not allow me to wear a skirt if I worked for them as a dispatcher — I had taken a placement test and interviewed and apparently kicked some tale against all the others that were also applying because I had a visit from two officers trying to talk me into giving up my standard of dress to take the position.  But, though I sometimes fail daily in my walk with God (I am human)…I knew that that was not a compromise I wanted to make…regardless of the income possibilities.  My desire to help people led me into the nursing field.  I started taking classes at Three Rivers and tested into the RN Nursing program as a new chapter in my life.

May 2013 I graduated from the Three Rivers Nursing program with my Associates degree and went to work at the local hospital as an RN.  The first couple of months on the job taught me that there is so much to nursing that is not taught in school…and they definitely do not teach you about on the job situations that leave you saying “oh my word” or “hmmmm”.  But I persevered, and was excited to learn all that I could.  I took my backpack back up in August 2013 to start the BSN program at Central Methodist.  At one point, when I downloaded a syllabus from one of the classes I finally said “that’s enough, I do not want this much stress right now”, and having the ability to make the decision I dropped the class and re-worked my schedule.  This small step changed my graduation from December of 2014 to May of 2015…but I did it.  I completed the course.  I have submitted my last paper and await for the grades to be given.

Working full-time and going to school has been a little crazy, and trying to keep up with deadlines and due dates has been interesting…but it has been worth it.  Yes, it is only three little letters that can be added at the end of my signature…but they are my letters that I have earned.    I have no idea where my life with lead me, currently I work in and emergency department with a group of people that have become a second family.  I love my job!  I love being a nurse, getting to interact with my patients and be there for them…many of them in their weakest moment.  Are there times when it is hard?  Of course, when you walk into the room and know the patient or the family; or when you’re faced with the death of a loved one of someone you know…or that you know.  Starving to death because there hasn’t been time to sit and eat (those promised 30 minute lunches are a fleeting thought some nights), or having to wait to use the restroom as you assist your patient to the bedside commode…tempted to take your turn next.  The achy feet and legs.  The behind the scene reality of everything is hidden when the picture is painted in TV shows and billboards encouraging individuals to choose the profession of nursing.  But knowing know what I didn’t know then…I would do it all over again.

I’m excited that the chapter of education is being closed at this point in time.  I have an opportunity to just work and then on my days off to go and enjoy life.  If that means sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing, or jumping in the car and taking a day trip…it’s my time and I can do what I want.  Will I continue in the future for a nurse practitioner?  Who knows.  Right now, at this moment, and in celebration of nurses week this week…I will sit and bask in the three little letters I now have ownership to and relish my freedom from due dates and deadlines because I now can put BSN on my signature.