Resolutions – Firm Determination!

It’s the new year, everyone makes a resolution that they plan on keeping throughout the year.  Sometimes it last a week, other times it last a lifetime.  At work everyone signed up for a weight loss challenge.  I myself opted out of that challenge, one I was sick and did not feel like getting showered and ready to go out in public; and then I knew that if I cannot decide to do it on my own, why give away money to someone else when I can make changes to ‘self’ and a resolution to make this change a lifestyle instead of a six week challenge.

Not only do changes in diet and exercise matter, but I am also working on attitude and self.  Without being happy/content with self and where I am at this point in my life; minor changes such as eating correctly and exercise are harder to make and stick to.  Because if the whole is not ‘good’ then the minor changes don’t matter and the resolution to be different is discarded on the wayside.

Resolutions are defined as having determination.  I am determined to becoming the best me that I can be.  To be content where I am.  I graduate in May with my BSN, I have been on this journey since 2009.  I decided that I would go back to school and go into nursing.  I worked full time and did night classes and online classes; then I went to work part time and did school full time…two years of basically hell.  Being told that we were not good enough, that our best efforts were not measuring up to what we should be to be a nurse.  There was no nurturing and very few “good jobs”, every day that we went to class or clinical we did not know if we would be yelled at, given a golden star (not a good thing) for not having our calculator or fingernails that may have grown overnight and were now barely past the tip of our finger, or sent home for not having a piece of paper with us.  During this time I was also diagnosed with MS.  But I was determined to complete the course I had set before me, it was something that I could do.  The stress that I endured during this two year period of my life caused me to gain 20 pounds; adding to an already weight problem that I deal with (thanks to genetics).  But I was determined…and I made it!!  I graduated with an associates degree in May 2013 as an Registered Nurse.  I went to work and then started back to school in the fall to obtain my BSN, another resolution.

In May I will graduate with my BSN.  This road has been long and I am tired, but I LOVE my new job.  I love being a nurse.  I love being able to help people.  This year I want to be able to apply the same determination of my goal of being a nurse to the rest of my life.  I know that I have the ability, I know that the resolution is there…now just to apply it.

This year is the year of resolution…or determination…to be the best me.  To live to the best of my ability in Christ, with friends and family, and in my job.  Life throws curve balls, but with the right resolutions we can hit one out of the park and overcome the negative.

Resolution = happiness, contentment, positivity.



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