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Merry Christmas…annual catch-up (Holiday) letter from Leish!

Wow!  That’s about all I can say about all the changes and things that have happened over the past year.  How time flies when you’re having fun…or when you’re not…it just seems to go on by without notice until you have to put a date on a piece of paper, then it slams you in the face that another week, month, or year has passed by.  Hopefully time was spent smelling the roses, trying a new food, or just stopping to breath and enjoy the surroundings you find yourself in.

This is my annual Christmas/Holiday letter, I sometimes take the initiative to send out Christmas cards but this year I did not make it to that point.  I sit in an undecorated apartment savoring the fact that I do not have to ‘clean up’ within the next week; but my heart is full.  I have been truly blessed over the past year and I am working on making myself a better ‘me’ one day at a time.  Sometimes the colors have gone outside the lines and the picture has not always been pretty and perfect, but it is my picture and I’m learning to accept it.

In January I moved, for the second time in six months, to a loft apartment in downtown Doniphan.  Yes, those words could seem like an oxymoron statement; but I have open beams, a brick wall, and open living space.  I consider it a loft; and I overlook the downtown park…so I’m ‘downtown’.  It is just the right size for a family of one, and I love the fact that it only takes me two hours (max) to deep clean it.

This year saw me with a purchase of a new vehicle, YAY!!  I have wanted a RAV4 since renting one in Washington state back in 2009 when I went to a wedding of a friend.  I retired my Chevy Malibu, that was with me for eleven years, and bought a Rav4 in May.  I LOVE it!!  It is amazing how wonderful it is to step into and out of my vehicle of choice; instead of falling into and having to climb out of one.  Yes, I’m only 5’10”, but it’s a long climb out of a car when you’re tired.  During Christmas At Our House I assisted in moving vehicles around the lot, and I was even more grateful for mine when I had to climb out of some of the low lying ones I had to move.  Thankful!!

In June I added a member to my household, Pixel Olaf March came to reside in my humble abode.  We have a love-hate relationship.  He tends to bite and scratch to show his love, therefore I look like I have the hobby of running through briar patches.  Luckily I wear long sleeves to work.  He is a good cat though, and when he decides to cuddle, which is more often than the biting and scratching, it makes the disruption of my life for something that depends on me to feed and water, and scoop it’s poo, worth it.

Speaking of work, I moved to the Emergency Department full time in July.  I had split my time between the medical floor and the ER, but now work in the ER full time and LOVE it.  There seems to be themes, if one laceration comes in then we’ll have five.  Or if one with a stomach virus and abdominal pain comes in, we’ll have twenty.  But I get the opportunity to learn new things, and interact with the doctors and gain knowledge by just ‘chatting’.  I still go to the floor when needed, and enjoy the fact that I can be versatile.  I love my job, and am so excited that I made a career change at the age of thirty-two (many moons ago).

The end of July first of August, I went on vacation with my nieces and nephew to Washington DC.  The enormity of my decision did not hit me until we landed in DC and I was responsible for three individuals, not my own, in an unknown city.  Normally travel does not affect me, I go and see and do without a second thought…but I had three other people there all under the age of 18.  But, we had a good time, and I got to see friends from Gateway and meet their son, we had some great food and I got to show the US Capitol to my nieces and nephew.

Wrapping up the year I am looking forward to May 2015, I graduate from Central Methodist with my BS in Nursing.  I should have been completed in December, but I slowed things down and took less classes each session, I was TIRED of being stressed.  I have three classes left and I am beyond excited that this is the end of this step for me, for awhile.  I am unsure if I will continue, there are so many questions of “what now” and where to go.  I’m exploring the many avenues open to me…but will continue to enjoy my time at my current location.

In 2015 I hope to get a stamp in my passport, I’m ready to go beyond our boarders and see some new places.  But until then…I do hope that each and everyone of you take time to stop and reflect, relax, and soak in where you find yourself at this point in time.  Things change quickly and are never the same, or it’s a gradual change and you look back and realize that nothing is as it was.  I have been blessed beyond words and have a full heart this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!