Washington DC 2014 — Day Three

The wheels on the bus go round and round!!  Today we took the Big Bus Tour.  I found this option and my mom and dad opted to put forth the funds to cover the tickets for all of us (THANK YOU!!!).  It was worth the money.  After putting in 7.5 miles yesterday (covering the White House, Capitol, and one of the Smithsonian’s), it was nice to just sit back and relax and see the city from the top of the bus.  If we had the desire to get off and look at something we could, if not we just rode along.  One member of our party was not feeling up to much, so we road for awhile.  But we did get to see some neat stuff today…and made a list of things to go back and hit tomorrow if possible.

Our first stop was the Lincoln Memorial.  This was a main request from Simeon, because Lincoln is “the coolest guy ever”.  We went by the Vietnam Memorial next because they are right there together.  They also have a statue honoring nurses in the mix which was neat.  The other war memorials there were for the Korean War and also World War II.  Some we will have to come back to tomorrow.  But seeing the names of all the soldiers that gave their lives, regardless if people think it was for naught…they still gave their all.

We hopped back on our bus and headed further downtown to our next stop, Madame Troussards wax museum.  It was cool!!  With it being in DC, they had a section for all the US Presidents.  Being able to see them, and looking so real, was cool.  Some other people I ran into were George Clooney, Denzel Washington, and Julia Roberts.  The process is neat to watch, but the fact that the face looks like it has veins in it makes it very lifelike.  I almost bumped into one and turned to say “excuse me”…he didn’t care. :)

Speaking of bumping into things…yesterday at the Capitol I tried taking a US Representative out.  He was minding his own business in the hallway and attempted to go to work up the side staircase and I got in the way.  Peyton stepped backwards, almost landing on his wingtips, and I went to get out of her way and stepped to the side.  The guy was flexible and able to do Matrix moves…everyone came out unscathed and he was able to go to work without scuff marks.  Our tour guide just laughed and said “that was a representative, you know because of their badge”.

Back to today though.  We left the wax museum and went to the National Crime and Punishment Museum.  This museum held everything crime.  It started from the beginning of time and torture chambers, to Wild West, to Mobsters.  Then they did  a section on police, FBI, and CSI.  There was a lot of reading and neat tidbits of information.  There was a write up about my mom’s family, The Dalton Gang.  There was a finger print machine that would scan your print and give you a paper where it showed what you were in jail for.  We had a Resisting an Arrest, Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Endangerment, and a Violation of Parole.

We hopped back on the bus (after a 25 minute wait, the one and only long wait and downfall of the bus tour) and headed back to our car that we left at Union Station parking.  We headed out to meet some friends of mine, Theresa and Brian Eastham, for dinner.  We ate at Moby Dicks.  It was great to catch up with them and meet their son.

It was a good day.  I was able to add a Union Station to my list of  – have seen items.  I have been to St Louis Union Station, Chicago, and now DC.  Needless to say, DC takes the cake…it’s HUGE.  All of them are great in their own right, but DC pretty much tops the cake.

Tomorrow holds more things.  Hopefully we get to all the “I want to” items on the list.  It’s been a good week so far!!

Until later…ERM.

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