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Happy New Year…a couple of weeks late. :)

Ah, 2013 started with barely a ‘how ya doing’…it slipped on in and the fun has begun.  This year holds many promises for me, some which make me queasy, anxious, and excited all at once.  I graduate in May (Lord willing) from the RN nursing program at TRC.  I’ll be getting a job-job in a profession that holds many possibilities.  I’m excited and scared ~ especially when looking at the syllabus for this semester in my four remaining classes.  Then the fact that I have to pass a test to get my license, these test I am not very good at.  I have went through three of the hardest semesters of my life, with a totally different aspect of teaching (limited lecture from instructors, a lot of in class ‘peer teaching’, and ‘concept’ information).  I’m an auditory learning, have trouble grasping information from others if not clearly stated and have access to the source of information, and I like cold hard facts.  This whole umbrella of an ‘idea’ that fosters the care of all the ‘information’ that I’m supposed to know was hard for me to grasp.  I struggled.  I went from an A student to making C’s (granted the C was an 84%, and one 83%), still C’s.  Makes one feel less of what they were and a little ‘dumb’, just hoping that the school that I apply to for my BSN will overlook the fact that I’m less than par on the grading scale.  It still messes with the mind, and adds some stress to the already stressful situation.

I’ve made lifelong friendships that will last forever.  It’s hard not to make friends when the people your in class with are the only people you see.  The social life went from semi-par to zilch. :)  But as everyone has stated ‘it will be worth it’.  I look forward to working with these individuals that have had my back, been my support system, and helped carry me through this experience (though possibly with a walker and some crutches at one or two points along the journey).  I will count it an honor to stand beside them on graduation day.

Other things that happened in 2012:

I bought into a business that was supposed to be an easy sale and make me lots of money.  I was hoping to supplement my income and be able to get some bills payed off while still in college.  I had some awesome friends that signed up under me to try the products that I was selling (THANK YOU TO ALL THAT DID).  Come to find out there were hidden fees and monthly ‘obligations’ that had to be met to stay as a distributor.  I ended up losing money and apparently the people in my area are not vain and do not care about being slimmer.  It was hard to push the products (I didn’t have time and there was no one that was really interested, nor did they have the funds).  It was a bust.  I wanted out, but I would have to pay $200 to get out, so I turned my auto ship off and am sitting as a non-working distributor because I don’t have the money to get out of it.  LESSON LEARNED.  I did make some cash during the time frame, not sure how it will affect my taxes. :-/

I spent five glorious days in Chicago with a good friend, Mel, eating my way around the city and enjoying some down time.  I rode a train for the first time.  I do not recommend the train if you are on time constraint travel schedule.  We were only 45 minutes late arriving to Chicago, it took us an extra three hours to get home…it was forever of a trip.  Loved the experience of the train, and recommend it if you have time and don’t mind being detained along the route.  Loved Chicago.  It was a great experience.

Spent time visiting old childhood haunts my grandparents took us to ~Elephant Rock/Johnson’s Shut-In’s ~ with my friend Tia.  A great day away.  Also visited Taum Sauk Mt, the highest elevation in Missouri.  Tia was super-chic that day and climbed the look-out tower; I chickened out on the second level and went back down to terra firma.  I have a crazy fear of heights when I am not properly closed in and secure, though I can sit on the side of a tree in a tree stand (I make sure there are limbs close by within grasping reach). :)

I lost my grandfathers (Bill McClintock/Sam March) within a day of one another.  September was a crazy month for me.  One was unexpected and the other expected, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  The first day back to school (clinical) walking into the hospital past the cafeteria where we sat as a family and by the rooms they had been in was a little rough.  I know it’s life, but it’s never easy life.

My brother decided to run for Mayor of Doniphan.  The election is in April.  A big step.  I know he will/can do a good job; it will take a lot of time, effort, and persistence to get everything where it needs to be and straight.  Here’s to God’s will and the fortitude to make things happen if it happens.

My childhood friend, Kim McConnaughay-Frost, had a baby in February.  He was about three and a-half months early.  Gyddeon Frost is doing awesome though.  Lord You’re Mighty!

All in all 2012 was a good year.  I made and cultivated friendships.  My life has changed and I’ve grown in some areas and slacked in others.  Through it all God has kept me, He’s been faithful, supplied all my needs (some before I even knew I had them).  I know I am not perfect and I have a lot of stuff to ‘fix’ and work on…but I am me, striving to be the best me I can be.  I fail sometimes, but that’s when I learn.  Here’s to a grand 2013 and everything that it holds!!

Happy New Year everyone…may you be blessed and achieve all that you can, and allow God to focus you and be your focus (something I strive for daily).