Twins on December 23 ~ Circa 1957

Ever have one of those moments when you want to scream but know no one will listen.  All the ideas, thoughts, and ‘stuff’ swirling through your head has nowhere to go, so you write, as an outlet of release to try to get some sleep?  Yeah me neither.  So, therefore, I’m going to share about two very special women in my life…so I don’t scream fall asleep.

Today is my mom’s (Deborah McClintock-March), and therefore my aunt’s (Diana McClintock=Street), birthday.  What does my mom’s birthday have to do with my aunt’s birthday?  They share it, because they are twins.  Not Irish twins like my friend Nick and Jennifer’s kids, who they they decided to make things easy and have their children on the same day exactly one year apart…my mom and aunt are twin, twins.  As my cousin Marilyn stated on her Facebook post this morning, my mom was expected but my aunt was a total surprise.  They are Circa 1957, before all the ultra sounds and meeting your child in 3D before it’s born technology.  It was the ol’ stethoscope on the abdomen to hear the baby’s heart beat method.  My mom and aunt were so in tune that they only heard one heart beat the entire nine months, and therefore when my aunt was born it was quite the Christmas Surprise.  And they’ve been in tune ever since.

They are both very giving.  They continuously made our barbie doll’s clothes while growing up.  We had some of the best dressed Barbies ever.  They will drop what they are doing and help out whoever needs it, regardless.  They give of their time to make CAOH characters look as authentic as possible.  CAOH 2010, we thought we would have to change their address to Rt. 1 Box 1105, they spent so much time at the church to make the costumes for the play.  My aunt spent many days there without my mom.  They are ‘doers’.

Hard at work on CAOH costumes ~ 2010
Hard at work on CAOH costumes ~ 2010

They love to shop.  When the new super Wal-Mart opened in Poplar Bluff, we went over to ‘shop’, they spent FOUR HOURS in the store.  I have a witness, Andrea Friday, because she went along as a guest that day.  Their ‘day out’ is usually spent going to Cape or Jonesboro, or just to the Bluff.  They could come home with a car load or nothing at all, but they enjoy their time together and enjoy being in stores just looking.

They love their kids and grandkids.  They would do anything for us.  They help with school projects, with treats to take to class, with clothes, and with activities that require an artistic ability that some of us do not posses.  It’s a McClintock trait, the artsy side, one that I most definitely did not get, my brother and cousin Marylin acquired the trait.

They both got married at Christmas time.  You cannot help when Christmas is, it’s always December 25; you cannot help when you are born, that is up to your parents.  But, you can make the decision on when you get married, and both of them enjoyed the Christmas season so much they picked it for their weddings too.  My mom got married on December 20, and I think my aunt got married on December 28.  Then they wonder why they never receive gifts for all three occasions.

They used to switch places, and continue to confuse people who do not know they have a twin.  In school they took classes for one another on occasion (so I was told ~ not often, just once or twice).  Their voices are very, very similar.  It would freak people out that did not know my mom had a twin to meet/see my aunt.  They would come and be like, ‘I heard someone talking on the next isle over, went over to say ‘hey’, and it wasn’t you’.  We would get a good laugh, and share the news that the old saying ‘everyone has a twin’ is actually true in this case.

It’s hard to pull anything over on them.  But we pulled it off five years ago (2007) and did a surprise birthday party for them.  It may have helped that we did it about a month early (in November), and became adept at lying for the cause.  According to me the cake said ‘Happy Birthday Uncle Paul’, and my mom was shocked when I said my dad had given me money to pick it up, it was ‘supposed’ to be a surprise party for Uncle Paul who was coming in from WA; when in reality it had two women on the front and it said ‘Fifty is Nifty, Happy Birthday Diana and Deborah’.  According to Uncle Wally, Shae had borrowed all the crock pots and loaned them out for some other reason; in reality the food for the party was being cooked in them.  According to Marylin she had no idea why the ‘new ink cartridge’ in the printer was already gone, though Aunt Diana could have sworn it was brand new….though there were about 100 mini candy bars hidden nearby that had special ‘Happy Birthday’ wrappers on them. :) My mom picked that day to go spend time at my brother’s house, leaving me alone getting all the stuff together since Tara couldn’t get away.  I had to make the tea, which we know is Tara’s forte.  Tara didn’t know if she was ever going to leave.  It was a crazy, fun day that we actually pulled off.  Though Aunt Diana almost had heart failure when she walked in and realized it was her party.

They took us on adventures with our Grandparents (RIP: Bill McClintock ~ 9/26/12, Joyce McClintock ~ 12/4/03), to wild places like Elephant Rock, Johnson Shut-in’s, The Boone Home, and Civil War Reenactments.  There was always adventure and fun when we would go to their home.

They shared this day with a special lady in the March family’s life…my Granny Gentry (RIP: July 2010).

To sum it up, today marks the birth of two very special women, who I am beyond blessed to have in my life.  They show by example how to be giving individuals.  They have given a great example of how to be mothers, wives, and friends.  I love them both very much!!

Deborah & DianaDecember 23, 2012
Happy Birthday
Deborah & Diana
December 23, 2012
Happy Birthday
Granny Gentry and Me ~1995
Granny Gentry and Me ~1995.  She was the patriarch of our family.  The leader that we knew was praying for us, that was there day or night.  She passed in July 2010.
Bill & Joyce McClintock.The parents of 'the twins' born on December 23, 1957.
Bill & Joyce McClintock.
Parents of ‘the twins’ born on December 23, 1957











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