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Heart-to-heart with my scale…

I’m getting chunky.  I know this by the way my clothes fit, or I should say ‘don’t fit’ anymore.  I’m tall, this is a blessing, because by being tall my frame can carry a lot of weight that people cannot tell I’m carrying.  A BLESSING!!  I knew I was gaining weight, I put ten pounds on at the end of second semester and regardless of what I did over the summer it would not go away.  I complained to my mom, her response and great motivational speech was ‘you’re 35 now’.  I went into this semester being overbooked, sleep deprived, and stressed which equals out to poor eating habits and no exercise.  I’ve found another ten pounds…not good.  This past Sunday I stepped on my scale and freaked.  I have never weighed this much IN MY LIFE, so this week I’m taking my life back…regardless.  Yes it will be a little easier because my school requirements are almost done and I will be able to make it to the gym in the mornings, without getting up at 3:00 am (a good thing).  I’ve not eaten out for two days now (w00t!!), and I actually exercised this morning.  I know that it will take some to get it off, but I must do this for myself and my future patients.

How can I sit and tell someone to eat healthy and exercise if I myself don’t do it.  As I cram a dozen donuts in my mouth chased by a soda, and say ‘here’s the plan…eat right and exercise’.  Not a very good promotion of ‘healthy’.

I must stop ‘treating’ myself because I did good on a test, survived a crazy week, or just because.  This will save calories and money.  A win-win situation.

I must make myself exercise.  I say ‘I don’t have time’.  Yet I make time to watch a video.  I need to change it from a show to exercise.  (I also need to incorporate Bible reading into this equation)

I’m so focused on surviving in one aspect of my life that I’m allowing other aspects to die.  I could end up being an advertisement for Goodyear at graduation if I continue on this path that I was on…not wearing a cutesy little shirt either ~ more like being their blimp floating around the auditorium.

I’ve made a motto of ‘one day at a time’ to make it through this season of my life, but it’s also my life motto now.  To make changes, it will be one day at a time.  If I fail, then tomorrow is a new day.  Start fresh.  I have to make a conscious effort to do the right thing (i.e. like packing my lunch for tomorrow) each day.  I can do this.  I will do this.  And regardless if I’m 35 or 85…I deserve to be the best that I can be.

In a month or so I’ll go back to have a chat with my scale…and hopefully it will be a better heart-to-heart than we had this weekend, because that one left me near to tears.


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