Grandpa Sam sighed and was peacful…

It’s a crazy world we live in…as I mentioned yesterday, September 26, when talking about my Grandpa Bill McClintock’s passing.  This afternoon, September 27, around 4:30 pm my Grandpa Samuel March joined him in the release from crazy.  Not to say that my world hasn’t notched up a level on craziness, but I know that they are at peace.  According to my cousin Shila, at the last breath peace stole over him.

We congregated at the hospital this morning to say our farewells, pray, and spend some time with family.  Then we dispersed to our daily duties leaving it in God’s hands and praying for peace for all involved.  Peace came.

My first experience of ‘wringing the necks’ of chickens came at my Grandpa March’s house.  Also seeing that chicken’s really do run around with their heads cut off.  So when I hear the old adage of ‘like a chicken with their head cut off’, I have a very vivid picture that comes to mind.  Their house is where I saw eggs being incubated to hatch ~ in the house in a little round container with a heat lamp.  And learning that collecting eggs from the hen house is an art.

We gathered at his home for March Family reunion’s.  We are kinda like the Sackett’s (Louis Lamour’s notorious family); we may not see each other every day, but when one is in need we have the strength, support, and knowledge that someone will come.  We must all have a ‘look’ too; people will stare you down and then ask ‘Are you a March?’.  At first you may question ‘why’, wondering if it’s a good or bad thing…most of the time it’s good. :)

My brother Riley Gene has lost both his namesakes in the span of two days.  My mom took the middle names of both grandpa’s and put them together to name him ~ Samuel Riley and Billy Gene.  But their legacy continues in him.

My dad’s birthday was today.  A crazy way to spend a birthday, at the funeral home planning your father-in-law’s funeral and at the hospital saying goodbye to your own father.  But God knew ahead of time what would be needed.  Two weeks ago at church we gathered around my parents at the front of the church and prayed for them…at the time I thought that it was for peace and strength over the loss of my dad’s friend Pat McCollumn.  But God being who He is knew that they were going to need the prayers for the weeks to come…for strength and peace.

God gives us what we need…before we even know that we need it.  We had no idea what laid ahead of us when we knelt at the alter and prayed, thankfully we have a God that watches out for us and guides us.  With Him we will make it through this.

May God continue to grant the peace that goes beyond understanding and comfort the hearts and minds of all the family that is affected by what has transpired this week.

My world is crazy and will be a little skewed for awhile…but I know Who is holding it together for me and with Him I will make it through this and someday ‘sigh and have peace’.


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