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Week One…a day at a time.

It is done.  We have successfully accomplished one out of sixteen weeks of our third semester.  Just fifteen more to get through, one day at a time.  Then our fourth and final semester.  Doesn’t seem possible.  I know its stressful, my body is telling me such, though the outward signs may not be there…I feel it in my left arm and other systems that act up under stress. :)  But it was not so much of the shock value of the past two semesters, I think my body has just grown accustomed to the ‘go-go-go’ theory, and all the work that it is now able to take the enormity of what lies ahead all in stride.  Not to say that I won’t have freak out moments or go insane before it’s over…but hey. :)

I’m excited, scared, but most importantly looking forward to what lies ahead of me.  Lord willing I will make it through this.