Chicago ~ Day Two

Wow…that’s all that I can say.  Today was a great day!!  I’m nursing a sun burn, yes mom I used sunblock…but apparently you sweat it off and you need more than 30 SPF in Chicago.  But I’ll look like I spent time outside instead of behind a desk. :)

Something about yesterday’s experiences that I forgot to add…the security on trains is non-existent.  They didn’t even check for a ticket while we were boarding, and then when they came by to take our ticket (after the train left the station) they didn’t even take our photo id with it to make sure we were who we said we were.  It was crazy, and totally different than riding a plane.  I was trying to give my id to everyone…and no one wanted it. :)

I started my day off in the motel gym.  I was trying to continue with my 5K, at my steady pace of 10.54, when some chic came in and jumped on the treadmill and started running at about 20 mph without even a warm up.  Needless to say I felt a little out of sync, but I stuck with my own time frame and did my time.  It’s amazing how many people exercise here.  There are several people that ride bikes (which saves gas), joggers everywhere (all times of the day), and people power walking down the sidewalks.  It is daunting but also motivating.

To get some more exercise in for the day, we decided to take the stairs (we’re on the 12th floor) down instead of the elevator.  We found the ‘stairs’ exit, and started down.  On the third floor there was a little switch back-and-forth, and when we got to the bottom there was no exit that would not set off an alarm.  So we went back up to the third and looked for the door that would lead us out into the lobby.  We ended up only being able to go through one of the conference rooms, luckily the participants of the scheduled conference had not made it into the meeting hall yet.  We calmly walked through the room and out into the lobby.  We’ve decided that we will take the elevator, since apparently the motel doesn’t want you taking the stairs unless it’s an actual emergency. :)

We meandered around today.  We went to the Daley Plaza, where a Farmer’s Market was set up (yummy croissants), also the place where Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock meet up in the movie ‘The Lake House’ (first time he was hit by a bus, the second scene they meet up).

We went into a local Methodist Church (Chicago Temple, the oldest/first church) by the Daley Plaza.  It was BEAUTIFUL and very functional.  They had their ministry opportunities listed, and they were open for all types of activities and did a lot of ‘giving’.  They had a room that had several chairs in it that had been decorated and had names of children on them…it was a remembrance room.  The chairs represented people that had been killed, and their news stories were tacked to the chair and their names were written on them.  The wood work and stain glass windows were very intricate.

After that we made it to Michigan Ave and caught a bus up to Lincoln Park for the Zoo.  Saw the Conservatory yard, no animals (they were all hiding out inside their homes, and what ones we did see they were laying around looking dead).  We walked the lake front…on sand that exfoliated our feet by burning off the first layer of skin.  Then headed to Wicker Park area to check out the stores and wait to watch the Wizard of Oz in the park.

We arrived at the park where they movie was to play and caught the end of a kick-ball game.  It was great getting to see the interaction of the community where we were.  A large group of people from all walks of life came together to watch a movie with their kids, picnics, and friends.  It was great!!

We caught the L back to the motel and crashed.  It was a great day of exercise, about 500 a good eight miles I think…if not more.  We ate at a great little place called Clark’s on Damon.

Recap of today:  exercise, zoo without animals, exfoliated feet, great movie in the park, and good food.

Catch you tomorrow…ERM

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