Chicago ~ Day 5

Today is Sunday.  My last full day on vacation.  Tomorrow will be spent wasting time in the morning then boarding a train and having a ‘travel’ day.  I hate to see the time end, this has been a great week.  I’ve been able to eat some great food, I’m a foodie and a carb addict…so what better way to spend vacation than eating.  I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of cool buildings, the zoo without animals (to hot for them to be out), an art museum, and a lot of city streets.  But it’s been good.

Today we went back to Logan Square, where we went yesterday for breakfast at Bang Bang, to attend church with Tamar and her family at Cross Fellowship under the pastorate of Bro. Jorge Escarpita.  It was an interactive service over the book of Mark 8.  It was a good service that I enjoyed.  It was a small mission’s church that has few members, and today the majority of the people there were from Missouri.  It was great to be with fellow ‘Show-Me State’ individuals.

We left the service and hopped the “L” on our way to Little Italy…looking for either some good pizza or basic Italian food and cannolis.  We got off in the heart of the University of Illinois at Chicago campus and took off walking.  On our walk to Little Italy we stopped in at the Hull House, a museum in the house that survived the Chicago Fire, that housed a training place for children and adults alike.  The founder, Jane Adams, is said to have started the now-day social work program.  It was interesting information and another museum for Melissa.

We continued our our journey to Little Italy, about six blocks, and our destination ended up being Davanti Enoteca.  We almost stopped at a little pizza joint, but I’m so glad that we continued walking.  At Davanti I ordered the Davanti Burger (special blend beef burger with bacon jam, roasted tomato, cheese curd, arugula, and roasted garlic mayo) with a side of shoestring fries.  For an appetizer we ordered a Vasi (a mini mason jar) with an eggplant and mozzerla mixture…oh, so tasty.  I wanted to lick the jar clean, I sad that I couldn’t eat it all and had to send some back to the kitchen to be thrown away.  But if I wanted to walk back to the motel, I needed to be able to move.

We left the restaurant and headed back to the motel via Greek Town so we could stop by the Greek Town market and pick up something to support the nice gentleman that gave us cheese samples the other day.  They were very nice.  We also had to stop by Artopolis to pick up some cannolis and I tried mango mousse.  Both good choices!!

Then we walked back to the motel to kick-back and relax.  Our trip was something similar to this, google says that it was only 2.5 miles, but it seemed longer than that.  But at least I know that I’ve got some mileage in for the day.  Even if it was just at a stroll, with my neck craned to view the buildings and admire the stuff around me.

It’s been a great week.  I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of stuff, but there is so much more of the city to see.  I haven’t even made it to the ‘magnificent mile’, also known as Michigan Ave.  We’ve crossed over it several times, went there to catch bus several times, but didn’t shop there.  I could spend a whole other week up here and still barely scratch the surface.  They continually have music fest and other things going on that would keep a person going from place to place.

To recap my week so far…food.  That pretty much sums up what I’ve done so far.  We ate, ate, and ate some more.  I threw some art in the mix, at the insistence of Melissa, but I could have spent the entire trip going from one neighborhood to the other finding great food choices.  I will definitely be hitting the gym when I get home. :)

Until later…ERM.


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