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Highlights…tidbits from my weekend (6/18/2012)

My iPhone:  I purchased an iPhone in April as a b-day present to self and to step into the new era of phones.  I wanted to be cool too.  The battery life was horrid.  I went back to the store where I purchased it and they showed me how to turn everything off and told me to call Apple.  So I gave it a few days then called Apple, they sent me an email that basically had me dumb down my iPhone to a basic phone to ‘preserve’ battery life.  It didn’t work.  The phone would not last throughout the day, and I’m not a heavy phone user.  I would send three text and open an app and half my battery life would be gone.  I knew I was going to STL for a doctor appointment, so I decided to go by the Apple store.  They ran some diagnostic test on my phone, said they could see the battery life was low on it, and asked what I wanted…I just want a phone that will make it through the day.  They replaced my iPhone with a new one right there on the spot.  I specifically overused the phone the next two days…I now have a phone that will last through the day!!  Yeah Apple!!

My gas mileage:  My car broke about two weeks ago, and we dad had to replace to fuel filter.  My gas mileage this weekend averaged between 26-30 miles to the gallon.  I haven’t seen those numbers in quiet some time.  I was excited, every little bit helps.

My Food:  I had some great desserts this weekend.  From Cheesecake factory to O Red Mango.  The most memorable meal would have to be my Sunday brunch with a friend in COMO.  It consisted of Pepper Jack cheese slices, stale Cheddar/Sour Creme Ruffles (just opened, just a little out dated), chocolate wafer sticks, and popcorn.  I was asked if sardines was an option…I said I didn’t think I had ever had sardines straight from the can, they were left off the menu.

Alarm Scare:  I was in the parking garage of Barnes Hospital, on my way to see/check on a friend that had been taken there.  I parked next to a stairwell, and knew that the crosswalk was above me.  So to get some exercise I entered the stairwell and took off.  Four flights later, I come to the exit door.  I slapped the panic bar, expecting to walk out to the above street crosswalk…and SCREECH and alarm blares off.  I kinda freaked, shut the door back, and went back down my four flights of stairs and calmly walked out the door hoping no one was watching.  I then decided to walk through the garage and out onto the street to gain access to the hospital.  It was a good kick-start to the ol’ ticker, and I’m sure their security guys got a good laugh at the crazy lady in the parking garage stairwell. :)

Crazy Little Girls in a Nissan Altima:  On my way to COMO it was raining off/on, and my windshield was nasty.  So I used my windshield washer at 70 miles an hour.  I happened to look in my review mirror after cleaning my windshield at the car behind me, and they were also cleaning their windshield.  Apparently, it was because I had cleaned mine.  They were a little upset…so they sped-up and went around me.  Then they proceeded to get in front of me slow down and clean their windshield…twice…all the while looking in their rear-view mirror.  I did not give them the satisfaction of me cleaning my windshield.  The off spray was not bad enough to cause obscurity to my view, and it dried quick enough that there was no problem.  I hope it made them feel better for their ‘retaliation’. :)

Doctor Visit:  Doctor was pleased with my strength, and ‘non-advancement’.  Most doctors want progress, but in my case no progress is good.  That means that things are staying at bay.  There are new drugs on the horizon that will hopefully allow me to get rid of the shots I take weekly, and also one that is being tested in Europe right now that will regrow the mylan.  Which is a good thing…it would possibly take way the numbness in my arm.  It’s a waiting game on the release date of the medications…but we have time. :)  Waiting on blood results.

Found some cute clothes, enjoyed my time doing nothing…it was a good weekend.  Now to face the reality of my life for the summer…crazy work days and review for next semester.

Life is good…ERM


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