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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…

I’m sitting here on a Friday night after possibly one of the most stressful weeks of my life, after spending the afternoon evening with my friends at Children’s Hospital and I am in awe.  But before I get to the good stuff let’s reminisce about the horrid week I have had…it’s therapeutic you know, to talk about and journal life experiences (so I’ve been taught).

This was a week from down under, and I’m not talking about Australia.  We had the prospect of Spring Break looming ahead of us but the only thing standing between me and a week off was check-off’s on medication administration, a final in Mental Health, final conferences, and a review game for the class to do to prepare for the test we have to do on Monday when we return from Spring Break. Chump change!!  It was enough to make a poor girl skip the ‘pre-alcoholic’ stage and go straight to ‘early’ or even chronic.  JUST KIDDING…everyone get your eyes back in your head and your mouths closed.  Self medicating with alcohol is never the answer, though it has been talked about frequently throughout the classroom at some point or another (it was one of our topics of education covered during the past 8 weeks).  There are other methods of exercise, screaming, crying, and just having complete silence that are also beneficial.

Prayer.  It is still in school.  How do I know this?  Well, on Thursday when we were all sitting down to take our final and were waiting on the teacher (after the previous two days of failed check-off’s and re-do’s and two of our classmates were now no longer with us) we were expected to sit and concentrate on an exam over eight weeks of information and pass…as a whole, our classroom joined hands and prayed.  We prayed for God’s guidance, strength, peace, and for Him to carry us through that test.  Did I ace the exam and make the grade I wanted in the class…no, but I did have a peace and reassurance during the exam and afterwards.

I made it through…and I headed north on Friday after my final conference with the teachers and that brings me to my title…”Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”.

My friend had her baby at 28 weeks due to some crazy disease called HELLP.  He weighed in at 1 lb 13 oz and 12 1/2 inches long at birth.  Gyddeon is currently 14 inches long and 2 lb 6 oz.  IT IS AMAZING!!  Normally when babies are born they are chubby with that nice ‘baby fat’, he is perfectly formed but you can ‘see’ the muscles.  He flexes his arm or leg and the muscle pops out, and it’s a hard mass perfectly formed and attached in all the right places.  You can physically see all the lines and markings.  Yes, he is tiny and still having some problems with heart rate and blood counts…but our GOD IS AWESOME!!  He has given this baby life, and all the fingers, toes, nails, and makings that are needed to live and be.  Gyddeon was so tiny, but beautiful.  There were babies EVERYWHERE, little miniature people being cared for by some of the best nurses ever…and I just stood back in awe.

The whole experience was pretty overwhelming.  When you can put your hand on a baby and it covers ‘the baby’, or when he grasped my finger his hand was the width of my pinky finger, from the last joint to the tip.  Yet he was living, breathing, and being. He was beautiful!!  It was a great ending to my week.  I totally enjoyed my time spent with his parents and a mutual friend Jessie.  We ate way to much food at the Cheesecake Factory, but it was all good. :)

The Miracle I had the opportunity of spending time with:











Looking forward to a week of a little less stress and quiet time.  So thankful for a God that loves us, and that knows us…from the moment we are conceived in the womb, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.