Week One survived ~ check.

Today was the wrap up of my first week back into my (RN) Nursing career.  The end is getting closer…

Things I learned this week and things that happened:

1)  Things are easier when you’ve been totally petrified and stressed, or at least your body has adapted.

2)  This semester is going to be CRAZY, I’m going to be all over the map and back ~ but it will be fun.

3)  Dollar Store pantyhose have NO SUPPORT at all, by the end of 8 hrs you have wrinkly ankles and can have six second tenting during a turgor test on the shin bone area ~ which proves dehydration. :)

4)  I was voted in as vice-president of my class!!  Working alongside EP and KP…it’s going to be a great experience.  AB is our faculty representative.

5)  It’s frowned upon when you spell Nursing as Nurseing on your binder cover.

Un-school related…

6)  I found out just how far a person can squat without actually sitting on the floor.

7)  Poo-Paper is not for everyone!  Support the Elephants, purchase poo-paper!!

We have some great teachers and I think this semester is going to be a good one…IF I can motivate my mind to get back into the books.  It’s amazing what a month will do to study skills and responsibilities.  I need to get motivated and fast, I have a test coming quick.

My brother went to the doctor today, they will possibly be changing his medications for the MS.  He started exercising about a month ago, and he had some improvement in his feet (Praise the Lord), now to just start working on the rest of him.  God’s a healer, I still believe that, but sometimes God’s time frame and method does not fit what our mortal minds think-up or desire.  We just have to continue trusting Him.

I started an exercise program this week made up for me by a local Personal Trainer, or one who has received his license and is helping me while I help him get training on how to train.  It’s a win, win.  The only losing I see going on is me and my eating habits.  One of the main things my trainer has pounded into my head is that you CANNOT OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET.  Ok, maybe pounded is a harsh work…he’s spoken and emailed it to me about four times…but hey, for someone who likes her ice cream and cereal it felt like a pounding.  I can do really good for like three days then I have a CRASH day, and the recovery is hard.  My old motto used to be that I would work out so I could eat what I wanted…that’s also probably why I never saw any results.  I need a list of this is what you are eating today and nothing else type thing to get my stomach shrunk and a grasp on my whole weight control part of this training I’m doing.  I’m terrible.  My goal is to do better, we’ll see what happens.  The actual exercise is going well, I have muscles that I didn’t know existed.  If you properly perform squats, lunges, and push-ups…not to mention planks; a person can be sore.

It’s been a good week.  Now to just get going on everything and into the groove of study time and homework.

Until Later…




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