My mini-vaca…hermit-hood!!

Ah!  I love sitting down and knowing that I have nothing what-so-ever that I have to do at this moment.  The past month or so has been beyond crazy (CAOH practice, school, work…Nine-night run of CAOH, finals, work).  I had started grinding my teeth to the point that I had hamburger for cheeks in the mornings (Hello Night Guard!!), my arm and face were numb (due to the MS), and I was telling my-self ‘just a day at a time’.  That’s really all we can do, is take it a day at a time…if we succeed that day then we can mark the day off with pride.  If we mess up and make mistakes then we just have to say ‘tomorrow’s a new day’ and face it with all the determination to do it right.  Enough about all that, I’m on VACATION!! Or have joined the hermit-hood for five days.

My mini-vaca started with a day and a-half in St. Louis.  Thursday was a monumental day…I stepped into a store that was something other than Wal-Mart for the first time in four months.  I live in a part of the world that it’s a good two hours to get to any type of shopping; and every time that I attempted to get out of town for a day something came up…or more often than not my bed held more appeal to me than getting into a vehicle and driving for two hours.  I hit goodwill, Plato’s closet, TJMax…all the good stores that are easy on the pocket book but still have good deals.  I topped Thursday night off with dinner with Mel (we viewed pics from her trip to Vietnam and caught up) and then some quiet TV time.

Friday morning I went to see my neurologist, to see how things were going with my central nervous system.  He was happy with were I was, I passed the sobriety style test (touch nose with finger, then touch dr finger; walk a straight line heel to toe; muscle strength, etc.)…he wants me to keep up with the gym/exercise/and diet.  I just need to get committed and do this without delays.  Regardless, this is my life and health that I’m dealing with.

I left St. Louis and headed to Columbia.  More discount stores, goodwills, and consignment shops.  I have fallen in love with Columbia.  It’s a small-big city, with a lot of character.  I stepped into a mall for the first time today (Saturday) ~ CRAZY.  It was a little crowded.  I can’t imagine why, it’s only eight days before Christmas…but wow, I had forgotten how crazy it could be.  But a cool thing happened, I went to the food court to find some substance so I could continue on my way and I sat down to eat and a girl I went to college with at Gateway (who lives in Mexico, MO) came up and asked if I wanted to join her and her daughter.  We haven’t seen one another in awhile…it was cool, and great to catch up.  It’s a small world we live in!!

I ate Indian food for the first time on Friday night with Dust-Man.  We meet at the India House in COMO.  It’s not what I was expecting at all.  The appetizer we had was great (cheese stuffed bread, can’t go wrong there); but my actual food was a spinach/chicken dish…that basically looked like baby food with chunks in it.  It wasn’t very stove hot when it came out, so I was eating lukewarm baby food.  It was o.k., but maybe next time I’ll try something new with someone that knows what to order. :)  No more baby food!!

I went to Devil’s Icebox today (Sat, Dec 17).  It’s part of the Rock Bridge Mark Twain National Forest Park.  It was pretty cool.  There are trails everywhere and they’ve built a board walk through the wood that you can follow, and you get miles and step climbing that made for a great work-out for the day.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t allowed down into where the cave was, but it was still pretty cool.  Want to come back when it’s a little warmer and I have a companion, so in-case I get turned around I won’t be alone, nor be lost for ever without anyone knowing. :)

I passed my first semester of RN school.  I came out with two B’s.  I’m a little bummed, but hey they are better than C’s and I will accept them at this point.  I just have to try harder next semester, and the fact that I get to continue is GREAT.  Looking forward to next semester, we’re going into Mental Health and Med Surge.

I have two days left of my vacation, i.e. hermit-hood.  One will be spent on travel.  It’s been a good weekend.  Good time off.  Now to buckle down and get as much work in as possible, save some money, and get ready to head back to school in three weeks.  Fill some scholarship forms out…and find a pot of gold!

Here’s to relaxation, vacation, old/new friends…it’s what life is all about sometimes!!  Now I need to go put all my receipts in my check-book and see where I stand financially! :)


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