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My life is based on two’s…

It’s finally upon us…Christmas At Our House.  I cannot believe that we only have TWO days of practice left before opening night.  Are we ready…that makes me laugh right out loud.  We lost our Oswald last week, and obtained a new actor for the part this past Monday.  It’s been an interesting ride so far, getting ready for this massive family reunion we have the first week of December…but as always, it will be worth it.  I LOVE CAOH, and I’m really excited that I was able to be a part of it this year (on the stage).  Here’s to keeping sanity for the next two weeks! <clink, clink>

Now onto other subjects.  I have two test left of my first semester of RN school.  TWO TEST.  Of course I have to pass the test (and should actually be studying instead of making a blog post about it), but looking back over the past four months I’m in awe.  It has been a roller coaster ride that I wasn’t really prepared for, but I’ve learned a lot and I have a lot more to learn.  I’m comfortable in what I’ve done so far, but still scared spit-less to some degree when I think about it all.  I have three semesters left, more than likely filled with as much stress as I had this past one…but it will be worth it and I’m looking forward to walking across the stage (Lord willing) and being ‘pinned’ with my nursing pin.

I have TWO weeks before I take a mini-vacation to parts unknown.  Well possible not ‘unknown’ just foreign to me since school started.  I get to go to STL, with a side trip to COMO!!  I’m more than excited.  I haven’t seen a mall in four months.  I haven’t been able to people watch or relax. Of course my vacation is kickin’ off with a visit to my neurologist, but as long as I can walk a straight line and touch my nose…things should be good. :)  I’m looking forward to this…and excited to be able to see some friends.

Need to wrap this up and get going on some homework…then work…then practice…then work again.  I have Count Dracula from Sesame Street in my head; he says we have TWO days (ah, ah, ah), TWO TEST (ah, ah, ah), TWO weeks (ah, ah, ah)…we have TWO. :)



What a week…looking forward to the one to come

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving.  We’re getting together with my mom’s family, at my house, so I need to get a scrubbing, because it’s in dire need of some freshening up. :)   Should be a good time of kickin’ back, relaxing, and eating way to much food.  But what else are Holiday’s for?

I’ve been doing a ’30 Days of Thankfulness’ on Facebook, each day putting what I’m thankful for.  I started off on a roll, but one the basics were gone (family, church, job, car), I hate to say this but it’s getting hard to think of things to put down.  Yes I’m thankful, but a majority of the stuff is lumped into categories and sometimes I miss the simple basic things.  I still have half a month to do…things could get creative. :)

This past week has been beyond crazy.  One day I was on cloud nine, feeling good about a lot of stuff, even received a random text that made me smile.  I should have known that the wind was about to be sucked out of my sails.  I ended the week rowing my little ol’ heart out…I believe I got caught in a riptide and I just kept going in circles.  One day it will all be worth it.  Hopefully as I continue on this journey some things will get weeded out and I will find some peace.  Maybe I’ll get weeded out and others will have peace. :)  Life is crazy, and it’s stuff like this that keeps one going…with ulcers. LOL.

Looking forward to the coming weeks.  Christmas At Our House starts in twelve days.  TWELVE DAYS!!  I must get busy learning my lines. :)  When CAOH ends, so does our semester, then I’m headed to STL for some R&R and a doctor appointment.  Ready for some time off.  One day at a time, one day at a time.



Count Down…

Today I took one of my final three test for the semester, looking forward to being able to say that about the whole program.  Yet that’s a ways in the future…a good three semesters and a whole year ~ just a little time.  I passed my test, still made a B…I don’t think I’ll ever make an A, but all I can do is continue trying.  If I keep a B, things will be good.  I know that C’s get degrees, I still don’t want one.

The weather finally broke today.  It was 80 degrees in November, kinda crazy, and very humid.  But tonight it rained and the weather is supposed to cool down…we may actually have Thanksgiving weather for Thanksgiving…which will be good.  I’m tired of not knowing what season of clothing to wear – winter vs. summer.

Christmas at Our House is two weeks from this Friday.  Opening night is Friday, December 2.  Not sure how ready or prepared that we’ll be, we have yet to actually start practicing the play (with accents, actions, and anecdotes); oh well, God willing everything will come together.  If not, we’ll fall on our faces and the drama department will eventually understand the importance of practice and focus. :)

Need to run…plenty of reading yet to do.  Almost done…three more chapters to read, though one of them is about 80 pages long. :-(



Motivation to be skinny vs. Motivation to be healthy

So much stuff has happened over the past couple of weeks.  Sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going.  One thing I DO KNOW is that we only have four Monday classes left, and a final on our fifth Monday, for our first semester of RN nursing school ~ and that makes me a happy camper. :)  Looking back to August 17 and the knowledge I have gained since then, I’m amazed.  Some I’m not one-hundred percent comfortable with, if they turned me lose tomorrow I would be TOTALLY lost, and sometimes I still feel like I flounder around a bit…but each day is a learning process and I’m learning a little bit more as we go.

Now onto my title…what motivates me.  I want to be healthy, and with the MS it’s even more important that I take care of my body and exercise and try to eat right.  BUT I think my motivation came from wanting to be skinny and here lately I just don’t care. :)  I’ve been a terrible eater lately, and I’m only going to the gym about twice a week.  I still am motivated to go, but I think if my mentality goes back to the healthy standpoint instead of the desire to be skinny that it will be easier.  It’s very easy to decide that being skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and I will just be fat…whereas if I want to be healthy for a lifelong goal/endeavor it will change my outlook on ‘having’ to give up all the good food that has become a comfort to me the past month as I trudge through the final part of semester one. :)

So here’s to being HEALTHY and not just skinny!! <clink, clink> :)

Need to run…have a care plan, an assessment, and a journal to write.  Oh the joys!