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Christmas is coming…soon…

Is it wrong for me to anticipate Christmas so much?  Maybe.  Because possible it’s not really Christmas that I am anticipating but the fact that I will have three full weeks off school.  I will be able to sleep, eat, and rest without the worry of a book that has to be read or a skill that has to be learned.  Today we did naso-gastric tubes (NG) and feedings…I had the opportunity to feed through the NG tube with a syringe.  I got to go first…they said “well start at the bottom” (of our list of names on the wall)…I’m in the number ten slot for my clinical group.  My stomach fell a little and I felt like I was going to hurl my Oatmeal Squares I had for breakfast.  But once I was done…I was done.  I had all day to prepare for tomorrows lab, CATHETERS.  We watched some videos, they looked a little painful.  :)  I have two labs left.  I’m getting really excited for Christmas. :)

I made a B in my Geriatrics class, not the A I’m used to having…but I passed and this whole way of teaching and learning threw me for a loop the first part of the semester.  I’m happy (or at least accepting) of what I got.  So onward ho!  Carp Diem!  All those little cliches that can be stated that will get me through.  One day at a time!  One day…one day soon in the near future I will be finished.  It may go faster or way slower than I want…but one day.

Last week we had fall break.  I had three whole days that I did not have to get up and go to class.  I did homework in the mornings and went to work a little earlier.  It was nice.  I didn’t get everything done I had hoped (homework wise); but it was a good week.  I spent Friday at the cabin in Van Buren, playing on the water and relaxing.  We kayaked, went on boat rides, played in the woods…had a good day.

God’s Country:
I’m in our church’s annual dinner theater, Christmas at Our House this year.  With my schedule for school and everything else going on people as how I’m going to do it.  My answer at this point is that.  I’ll make it.  It will be fun…and it’s closer to Christmas and my break.

Christmas is coming…soon. :)