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September 24, 2011…12 more weeks

I’ve made it.  I want to shout from the roof top that I have succeeded in making it through six whole weeks of school.  I currently have twelve weeks left, but some of that is going to be broken up with fall break, thanksgiving break, and a few other days off due to testing the school does.  I can handle it.  The next four weeks will be CRAZY with a test every Monday and a Journal entry that I will have to actually make my brain focus on; but hey…I CAN DO THIS!!  I received test scores back from test I took on Monday (9/19), they had back to back test in our two Monday classes, I passed them.  Barely.  We have to keep a 78% or higher (which 78% is considered a “C”) in order not to have to go speak to our teachers about our grades.  My teeth hurt from the skimming they took.  MUST DO BETTER!!

I spend a lot of time with my books, and nothing else.  After October 10, we will be down to only Foundations class and the reading won’t be as heavy (we’ll be reading for only two classes instead of three).  I’m looking forward to the small break. :)

Last night I fell asleep while reading, not good.  There may be some things that I will need to go back over. :)  Also the other morning I had a ‘must take a break’ moment, I pulled up to the gym and hit my garage door opener (for my house) trying to get the gym to open for me.  I had a good laugh and went in and did some extra running on the treadmill trying to get some of the stress and stuff out of my body.  It felt good!!

Christmas at Our House preparations are starting…woot!!  It will take place the week before finals.  I’m supposed to be in it, but I’m not sure if they will let me or not. We’ll see.  I have things to do and places to be…hope everyone is doing well.  Enjoy the awesome weather we’re having and kick back and relax.  I will try to take my own advice.


Week Three

I made it.  I seriously made it through my third week of nursing school.  I can almost breath.  The first week of school I felt like it was the first day of swimming lessons and I was thrown into the deep end without my floaties.  I was floundering around and sinking fast.  The second week, I had started a good dog paddle and was keeping my nose above the water.  Today (Thursday, which I deemed ‘cry night’ in the previous post — I made it through the evening without crying), I feel like I’ve taken a couple of breast strokes and I could start to tread water a little bit.

This week was hands on; and due to HIPPA I won’t be able to share much…BUT it was GREAT!!

It’s been a good week.  We start vital signs next week, so this should be interesting.  I’m still waiting on the results of my first test we took this past Monday.  One day at a time!!  I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in the story about the little train that could…”I think I can, I think I can”.

Need to run…going to bed early to celebrate the end of week three and our three day weekend.